Dance Central 2 Announced

Although we already knew it was going to be announced, Guitar Hero developers Harmonix have officially announced Dance Central 2.

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2723d ago
Hagaf222723d ago

Just preordered this! Along with the Disney kinect exclusive!!! Best MS E3 EVER!!!!! /S

5119ent2723d ago

lol ....Minecraft was cool...although minecraft is about sharing what you made.....will they allow this

2723d ago
firefoxprime2723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

Oh I was waiting to see that nerd dance again!!! haha. Except he ran away and (wisely) pulled out 2 paid "real" dancers. hehe.

I give Microsoft Conference a C+

They could've gotten a B...but those casual games killed it for me. I wll respect the disneyland game though. Heh. I'll take that over "Kinetimals" ANY DAY...

LOGICWINS2723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

That Usher track was a good choice, but they didn't really talk about that many differences between the first Dance Central and this one. The game looks cool...but its a money grab.

Menech2723d ago

How on earth is it a money grab, by that standard every single Guitar Hero, and Rock Band after the original was a money grab.

It has new song's and more players supported, what else do you except for the next in the series?

Dancing Rino's and an RPG mode? idiot...

Lovable2723d ago

I'd buy kinect if there's a Dancing Rino and RPG mode....just saying

Exquisik2723d ago

RPG Dance game?! I'd pick it up day one!

Imagine a Dance game where there's actually a campaign. And I'm not talking campaign like sports game where you only dance, but a campaign similar to RPG and sandbox games.

You get to control a character you created and bring him/her to stardom in the dancing industry. You can travel around town to earn money by competing in dance competition, but in order to do so you must complete your dance lessons. There will also be group dance competition where you have to try and persuade various other dancers to compete with you. Once you gain enough money and popularity, you can then go to hollywood/new york/chicago and compete in various dancing shows and become a dancing superstar!

Kon2723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

I might just call it the CasualBox 360. I'm extremely disappointed with this conference so far. You might know me as a Xbox fanboy... But if things continue like this...

Warprincess1162723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

I know. I was reading some of the stuff announced so far and it really lame. I think MS might be in 3rd place when it comes to who had the best E3 conference this year.

dp2774072723d ago

yea I tried to watch it all but it was such a lackluster showing of what microsoft has to offer that i couldnt make it.

user8586212723d ago

Why hasnt the minecraft announcement been posted?

Fel082723d ago

At least the geek guy didn't dance this time.

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The story is too old to be commented.