E3 Live Coverage: Fable The Journey

Fable 3 has been out for awhile and many people expect Microsoft to announce Fable 4, but a new and very welcome surprise was just unveiled. Fable is heading in a new direction and that is going to be realized through an all new entry into the franchise: Fable: The Journey.

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DangerousDanMcGrew2512d ago

This actually looks awesome for a Kinect game, excited!

Cwalk8162512d ago

I dont want to have to wave my hands around to do magic, I hope it at least has the option to play with controller.

GetoverHere1222512d ago

how could you not want to live out every little boys dream

jesscamegan2512d ago

So excited for this game as well. I hope it plays as well as it looks on Kinect.

Ashira2512d ago

First-person mode? Count me out.
Automatic moving? Count me out.
Magic with the hands? Count me in.
Verdict: Count me out. You've destroyed a great franchise. Well done.
(Subject to change as new information trickles in.)

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