Mass Effect 3's Kinect Functionality Sacrificing Quality for Technology?

FTG's Skyliner looks into the recent announcement regarding Mass Effect 3's use of Kinect and where it may be leading the industry.

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Kon2723d ago

I don't think so. The voice recoginition was fine, but i find a little...strange to talk to my tv.

qface642723d ago

its not like the game is going to be worse all of a sudden because of a little add on you can do IF you actually want to

NYC_Gamer2723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

i dont care about the gimmicks they better bring us some real rpg gameplay

Skyliner122723d ago

Yeah, I think that's the bottom line for a lot of people.

Nate-Dog2723d ago

It's not like you can't use your controller to do what you can with Kinect, it's just giving you some extra options. (Granted some extra options I really wouldn't care for but I don't see how people can claim it will ruin the game or something.)


Focker4202723d ago

What they are saying is time spent integrating Kinect could be spent polishing the actual game. So yes, it could actually have a negative effect on the overall game. I'm not saying it will, but it does have that possibility.

Charmers2723d ago

It has been suggested that the voice they used for Mordin in the Kinect demo is just a "place holder" voice.

As for Kinect erm yeah I really want to yell at my TV. Thank god for the PC version.

Nate-Dog2723d ago

Ah I hope you're right, I was hoping so but I mean the demo was so short and only showed him talking, they could have surely used something different but hopefully that's the case.

e-p-ayeaH2723d ago

Im not impressed about this at all but im sure the game will be pretty solid.

Drewminati2723d ago

i'm sure you don't have to use the kinect, just a option

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