Huge Gruesome Monsters Can Only Mean a New Gears of War

You know it's time to get excited when you hear a new Gears of War game is on its way. We've heard about it for now for sometime of course, but this is the first time we've actually been able to check out what the single-player and co-op campaign will look like, so how did it look?

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pungello19882423d ago

This looked great, love the return of the sea monster

honestpizza2423d ago

Still have yet to play any gears of war... Resistance ftw!

pixboy2423d ago

Ahh, play both! They're both fantastic in their own right.

pixboy2423d ago

Ahhh, I cannot wait to rip through this... it's looking mighty fine!

lolpidian2423d ago

One of the few action games that I play and re-play again. I usually run through 1&2 campaigns once a year.

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