E32011: MW3 begins in New York

CarlosX360 Writes: "E3 has begun. Microsoft kicked off it's Conference with Robert Bowling and Modern Warfare 3 taking the stage. And its awesome."

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BeastlyRig2721d ago (Edited 2720d ago )

Gametrailers schedule says Jack tretton & Battlefield 3!
Today PC 2morrow ps3.

We will see how it stack up to mw3!

@Below look at the top of the screen!

It says Tuesday!

fluffydelusions2720d ago

Tomorrow? EA conference starts in 45 minutes and PS3's is later today

captain-obvious2721d ago (Edited 2721d ago )


it looked EXCATLY like WM2
you get your "sneaking" part
you got your "plant bomb here" part
you got your "fast high speed" part
and you got your "plant bomb on door to slow mo" part

so yah
its all the same

they didn't even care to change the pause menu
which is sad

Shazz2721d ago

the part in the sub was too samey as the cod4 beginning

pcz2721d ago

i think this game will cause problems in the west... ie america. its cool in other war games when you are in a desert somewhere in the middle east killing wave after wave of soldiers, or in some European town doing the same. but i cant see a battle based in new york going down too well with the media. of course that is totally unfair and only highlights an injustice...

the developers know this, and probably anticipate a media backlash and controversy, catapulting the game to headline news, thus free advertising.

its going to be like 'resident evil 5 is racist' all over again, except this time Americans will claim the game is insensitive and can be used as a teaching/training tool for budding terrorists.

we'l see

Redempteur2720d ago

well crysis 2 destroyed new york and i didn't see much fro the inexperienced

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