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GT Reviews Eye of Judgment "The Definitive Console CCG"

Card sharks who've been holding their cards for a definitive console collectible card game experience need look no further than this game. Final score: 8.3 (Eye of Judgment, PS3) 8.3/10

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shmee  +   2865d ago
EOJ is looking like a sliver lining for PS3 geared at a niche audience.

EOJ is selling well over Amazon and other major NA/EU retailers BTW
gtgcoolkid  +   2865d ago
Heh. Wait till the Japan numbers.
It will sell very well over there as it was made to be geared towards them the most.
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shmee  +   2865d ago
I agree Japanese audience would be getting the game
BUT expect the game to sell steadily throughout its life.

It is not FF....it will sell 20k in the first week and keep selling 20k per week for another 25/50 weeks
ruibing  +   2865d ago
They need an expansion pack for this which includes story and stuff. Like a campaign mode based on the deck type you have. I'm sure this title will expand well.
mesh1  +   2865d ago
the ps3 shud be called pswii as it copying wii gimick this game is not for real gamers but card collectors man the ps3 is setting it self up for failure real gamers buy more software than casual gamers .
Real Gambler  +   2865d ago
Mesh, since when there's a camera on the Wii??
This is an addictive game. It's likely quite decent for any cards player, but it will also bring a load of newcomers. Most people who tried to jump into card games with somebody who was experience could not believe all the little quirks in the rules. But with the Eye watching the game from above, and keeping track of everything, the game suddenly shine, even for people who never played such games.
tk  +   2865d ago
Are you really that dim?
The PS2 had the eyetoy before the Wii came out. This is another eyetoy type game - and a very good one at that. I can see collectible cards coming soon - Yo-Gi-Oh type card trading etc. This can be quite a craze if it goes well.

This game is original for a console - no similar type interface and game exist for any platform.
Sevir04  +   2864d ago
Mesh is on that crystal Meth
he really is dim... i dont personally attack people often but it's clear that this guy is just out to slander. your one console mind is rediculous... get a job and stop salivating over that over priced DVD player you call an XBOX 360, you just cant see can you. companies that innovate, Nintendo and Sony, Dominate. while those that immitate are doomed to second and 3rd place. Sony's eyetoy from PS2 was innovative for last gen, but now they have completely redone and set a trend which most game companies are gonna see. i see konami liscening the PS eye to do another Yu-gi-oh or magic game, becaue they have the liscense to those games.

Sony is a trend setter, when you got your Hardcore fanbase now you need to go after casual gamers, and nintendo is certainly winning in that field and Sony is also doing the same with games like singstar, Buzz, and there PSeye peripheral.

I'm getting this game next week. i plan on totally enjoying this online with a couple people here on this site. and also 1 on 1 with some of my other friends who arent card junkies at all and thought it was cool.

a nice game tro pass time when it's raining and is bored at the hows and you done feel lioke putting up with trash talk on Warhawk, Halo3 and Resistance. or endless button mashing from fighting games and beat'em ups.
Danja  +   2865d ago
Yups I agree with it selling well in Japan...but who knows..what if this actually sell well in the US...i mean we all though HS..would do well and look what happen expect ne thing this gen..!!
shmee  +   2865d ago
HS did well already
HS has sold over 250 000 copies in NA including Canada and Mexico.

HS has sold the most in EU. I think it has sold over 500 000 alone in UK and EU


Bioshock has disappeared from all charts of EU . HS is still on top 10 of many EU charts.

expect massive sales during XMAS
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Danja  +   2865d ago
I own HS..what I really meant was that ppl were touting it as a system seller and when it didn't really do huge numbers like say Bioshock you know ppl..labeled it a flop...

I personally enjoyed Lair..thought it was a good game with a few flaws...
gtgcoolkid  +   2865d ago
The fact is that HS didn't Flop
It wasn't Halo. I know PS3 uses were hyping it to be a system killer but that fact is that it was the first. It will sell well. I think Million world is certainly possible and probably more. It taking its time to build up it sales. Its not on fire by any means but its not dead in the water either.

BIG SIDE NOTE: Can you imagine the sales of Resistance 2? Now that will be a firestorm.
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shmee  +   2865d ago
expect HS to sell an additional 500k /1m copies worldwide
during XMAS.

Dont be misled into thinking that HS didnt do well.

LAIR despite bad reviews has sold over 200 000 copies in NA and JAPAN

HS is around 700 000 worldwide at the moment. JAPAN has 30 000 preorders for HS!!!

expect the game to sell 100 000 ---200 000 copies over there too.

HS would easily cross the million mark this XMAS
SabreMan  +   2865d ago
totally agree people must also remember us europeans haven't seen Lair in our shops yet, i imported mine from the states
IdontTakeSides  +   2865d ago
This game doesn't really interest me..I do hope it does well though...the more variety of games the PS3 has the better IMO...

Yeah I think ppl were expecting too much of HS bcuz it was beign compared to GOW and all..the sales of the game remains steady and it has done well..for a system they say ppl don't buy games for...only blu-ray...
ErcsYou  +   2865d ago
Thought about buying this but i decided to wait till COD4..after nov5, EOJ will get no love. plus the $3.99 for 8 cards sounds over priced..
xplosneer  +   2865d ago
Dang I'm into card games
I just got it. Wow. Amazing. Just amazing. A just right score for it(I realize it's kinda niche to most people.)
wangdiddy82  +   2865d ago
yea Resistance 2
will be up there with halo 3 i think.. Resistance has a big fan base and after playing the 1st one i will definitely be buying the 2nd one for sure..
Hapimeses  +   2865d ago
Yeah, I'm not a huge FPS fan, so I was a little surprised to see how much I enjoyed Resistance. Much like you, I'll be buying R2 the second it hits the retail shelves. It seems Insomniac may be able to do no wrong as far as PS3 is concerned -- well, they can't for me, anyway. If only they could hire a ton more staff and make more games.

killer_trap  +   2865d ago
i hate to be the one with bad news. but EOJ first day sales in japan are 6000 thousand units only.. i don't get, i thought the Japanese like games of this type. well it's just the first day let's hope it caches up later.

oh I'll try and find the link to this news. if anyone lese does please post it(probably a 360 fan).
gtgcoolkid  +   2865d ago
You do realize that the game released on Oct 25th in Japan. Its been a day. Where did you get that figure anyways? I ask this because real figures come out 1 week later or so.

Edit: @ Below. Yeah it takes time for getting the real numbers in. Usually on Thursday nights or so. Have to wait till then.
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killer_trap  +   2865d ago
somewhere on the famitsu site. i can't find it now, those Japanese sites are confusing.
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season007  +   2865d ago
6000 thousands sounds nice to me
thats 6000000copies of game, 6M
hmm does that include booster pack?
jaja1434  +   2865d ago
I'm sure someone will take this as me bashing the PS3 but...

I don't understand the fun of these types of games. Granted I have not play any type of card game since the 8th grade when I was into Magic, but these kind of games are fun because of the whole collection building/spending hours making the perfect deck/playing against other players.

It was nerdy as hell but I did have some good times are local tournaments back in the day. Pizza, soda, made some new friends, thats what these kind of games are about, so why people buy an electronic version is beyond me. Well I guess it is cheaper this way. *shrug*
Charlie2688  +   2865d ago
"I don't understand the fun of these types of games. Granted I have not play any type of card game since the 8th grade"

there is were you stop because you basically answered your own question...

jaja1434  +   2865d ago
Old so I doubt I'll get a response, but what does that have to do with anything? I stopped because I got into Paintball, not because I didn't still enjoy playing.

And you did nothing to dispute the points I made, so in essence I did not answer my own question.
Bonsai1214  +   2865d ago
its technically the only console ccg.. but it looks amazing though. chances are i won't buy it because i won't really use the eyetoy and i don't have money to continually buy boosters for the decks.
Charlie2688  +   2865d ago
I liked how GT adjusted their scoring system based on the game instead of forcing the game to meat their scoring system criteria...ARE YOU LISTENING OTHER SITES?
Hapimeses  +   2865d ago
I totally agree. I found this review one of the fairest and most balanced I've encountered so far, especially as it also seemed to be broadly knowledgeable about other CC games as well as console games.
FirstknighT  +   2865d ago
"The definitive console collectible card game experience"

The ONLY console collectible card game experience. But if your a fan of the Magic card thing I can see you guys going nuts over this one. But I heard it's selling like crap.
Hapimeses  +   2865d ago
Did you? I heard the opposite. There are loads of reprorts of the game selling out all over the place, which was a little surprising to me given the price tag attached (it's £70 in Game here in the UK). That said, I imagine the camera will be driving many of those sales, especially given the latest PSN update with all the new camera goodies.
Siesser  +   2865d ago
It's selling out, but not necessarily selling well. Due to manufacturing issues I think, the game came out late (finally got mine on Thursday; every store in our area got exactly 1 copy, and no booster/theme decks yet).

The game is so much fun though. I'd never played a CCG before, and so was a little daunted by the effort it might take to play, but the game is really logical and makes sense, and it's so much fun figuring out strategies or having some grand plan come to fruition.
season007  +   2865d ago
err....well Back order/sold out doesn't 100% selling good
I got this game today from a gamestop, i like it...but it was kinda depressing when i asked for it

Me: Is there eye of judgment for PS3?
Sales: eye of judgment the weird game?
Me: yes, eye of judgment
Sales: Ok i guess i got one, no one pre-ordered it so there is only one and no one is getting it either
Me: Ok i will take it , thanks

SIX  +   2865d ago
That's funny.Yeah my bro is all excited over it. He went and picked one up last night. You wanna know the funny thing though is that he doesn't even have a PS3. I have a feeling this game is going to be huge in attracting the non hardcore gamer. I really hope it takes off. It's always nice to see innovation succeed. It's only good for the industry.
season007  +   2864d ago
Hey where is the love come from?
I love the game and i support PS3, i was just telling the truth and i get a disagree?
Hapimeses  +   2865d ago
This is a fine review for a quite unique game. I'm picking it up after I've finished my latest batch of deadlines (and get back into my house after a flood -- Bah!), and expect many fun games in the future.

Also, as I mentioned above, I found the review, although short, to be one of the most balanced and knowledgable I've encountered so far. So, thumbs up to GT. Clearly, this game isn't the most astounding gaming experience in the world, but it is a new and fascinating development for the console world, and I'm keen to join in at these early stages.
DrWan  +   2865d ago
I wouldn't be surprised if
Magic the Gathering receive a PS3 face lift soon, now that would be a million sellers. I know alot of hardcore Magic players would probably get it just because they can battle online (and have real cards to hold on to)
andy001  +   2865d ago
I think the game looks really cool. I play a few board games like Catan, Carcassonne, and it looks really great how they have turned the board into a 3d thing.

I am not into CCG games at all, never played one in fact, but this has surprised me in just how good it looks. Not sure about booster packs and stuff though, I like to just buy the game and play, not pay extra for duplicate cards and do an ebay dance to get the whole experience.
DrWan  +   2865d ago
In fact people are already going crazy
I did a ebay search:


and i found that ppl are already bidding on booster packs...now these are not just the 'rares' but these are actual booster packs, i don't know why people would buy this overpriced instead of getting it in store..but what ever it is, this can be the new trend
DeZimatoR  +   2865d ago
Nevermind FirstKnight...
If its not on the 360, he's gonna bash it ;)

Just wait until MGS4 comes out, he'll bash that one too...

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