Forza 4 dated

TVGB: "Forza Motorsport 4 has just been dated for October 11. The news comes from, where else, Microsoft's E3 press conference moments ago."

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CernaML2417d ago

Guh, they still didn't show actual gameplay. Hope I can get some hands on time at E3.

2417d ago
Spitfire_Riggz2417d ago

Sooooo disappointed all we got was another "actual gameplay" trailer. He came out with his xbox control and everything. What a tease

Upbeat2417d ago

exatly, and who really cares about a disney game, and they where getting on as if ITS EXCLUSIVE WOW !!!!!

darkequitus2417d ago


Becuase are covering all age and gamer bases. Did you think every game would be hardcore?

Upbeat2416d ago

obv not, but making a big deal about it being exclusive is just making idiots like yourself think " OMG WE GOT ONE MORE EXCLUSIVE!" you think that kids under 12 really car about exclusives?

irokster2417d ago Show
IRetrouk2417d ago

day 1 for me, but would have liked to see some actual gameplay.

BlmThug2417d ago

It Said At The Beginning Of The Video "All In game Footage

IRetrouk2417d ago

if you believe thats ingame then you need to have a good hard look in the mirror.

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