Gears of War 3 footage

Check out a bunch of new Gears of War 3 footage.

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thereapersson2746d ago

Game looks good. Is that Ice-T?

Checkmate2746d ago

Yes, that's Ice-T. I disagreed bc you said it looks good.

lil Titan2746d ago

360 fans will go crazy, PS3 fans will ask. "So is that first gen graphics?"

demonddel2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

Bit%% you blind if you think this game is not a beast

Checkmate2746d ago

Then I guess I'm blind bit!!

starchild2746d ago

lil Titan, you're not fooling anybody. Gears 3 looks as good or better than anything on the PS3. Keep living in your own little fantasy world.

thebudgetgamer2746d ago

as both i am very pleased.

@starchild: simmer down.

lil Titan2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

@starchild oh i will and if only that was true the game just looks more colorful whitch the last two games where lacking

@demonddel guess im blind too bit lol

@thebudgetgamer BUBBLES you told that kid to simmer down LOL youve been around

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Gamingisfornerds2746d ago

The game looks great indeed, one of the best looking games out there!

I'm amazed the 360 is able to pull this off, to be honest.

50Terabytespersec2746d ago

Look like Same Unreal Engine Used in all the licensed Games nowadays..Shows its age Really....I like Ice-t tho but he should be in MW or battlefield instead.

bluegreenman2746d ago

shows its age? your delusional... Now im not saying its uncharted 3 graphics, but to say its not the second or third best looking game to date is just being a fanboy. Stop the madness people.

Foxgod2746d ago

Big freaks facing even bigger freaks, Gears is bad-ass :D

MidnytRain2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

I think Checkmate may have disagreed with you as well, lol.

Also, is anyone else getting tired of that Alienware ad?

Foxgod2746d ago

I dont care about bad tastes, he can have his, i dont care, :P