UFC 'Live Interaction' Heading to Xbox Live

@XG247: UFC is heading to Xbox 360 in a big way

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Shazz2723d ago

im guessing this is just for the u.s ?? awesome addition but everyone should get it as ufc is huge worldwide now

SilentNegotiator2723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

It was sort of interesting how you could guess what would happen. I think I left the room during this part, though....did they show something where the guesses and such were published and viewable by the users? It would be cool to see what everyone guessed would happen.

Hagaf222723d ago

This was the best part of E3 for microsoft imo. There is no way they win E3 based off this.

Brixxer6002723d ago

I was really hoping that i'd have to do the moves ,slap a quick rear naked choke on the wife and i've got the telly to myself.