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GameOn2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )


Youtube at last. I was hoping Bing meant web access but sadly no, it will help with finding content though especially for Kinect owners I presume.

mrv3212745d ago

They've put in so much effort not to have a web-browser.

Sony should just come out and say we have support from EVERY GOD DAMN WEBSITE!

darthv722745d ago

maybe ms thinks the 360 would compete with pc if they had a browser. If anything it might promote their IE more considering people cant install their own browser to a 360 like they can to a PC.

This year MS is all about the expansion and extension of the platform. Let the devs talk up the games. MS will just keep improving the 360 in ways we knew but now with official word.

kharma452745d ago

And then everyone would point out that the PS3's web browser is actually pretty much dung and needs to be replaced asap.

mrv3212745d ago

Well, there are website which support PS web browser pretty well.

Sure it's not the best, but atleast it's real.

Imagine if sony announces Chrome for PS3.

beast242tru2745d ago

ps3 had these stuff from day one no extra charge come on microsoft

Grown Folks Talk2745d ago

Original Xbox had built in hard drives, no need for multi-taps, & great online from day 1, yet that didn't matter did it?

beast242tru2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

nah it didnt cuz ps2 trumped the original xbox by 100 million

Fel082745d ago

PS3 had Live TV from day one????

trounbyfire2745d ago

it has live tv but not NA and yes before microsoft

Aarix2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

xbox had in-game dashboard and in-game music from day one too, one of those the playstation still doesnt have.

5119ent2745d ago

Minecraft is kinda a big exclusive...

Nes_Daze2745d ago

Minecraft isn't that great, I played it and it gets old after you realize there is nothing to do but build. Not to mention it's on the pc for free at any time.
Now disney land, that's a BIG EXCLUSIVE LOL

DigitalRaptor2745d ago

It's not exclusive... it's on Xperia Play and will probably make its way to PS Vita!

St02745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

It's also coming to iPhone and android after the timed exclusive with Xperia. It's more suited to a mobile device imo

Aarix2745d ago

its on its way for ios and android in the future too.

trounbyfire2745d ago

i honestly can't believe i was worried microsoft would have a A type show. BTW sony had live tv first

BigKev452745d ago

What are the channels for the live TV?

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