Neocrisis: Xbox 360 Dashboard to Get Kinect Heavy Update With IPTV - E3

Neocrisis: The dashboard is set to receive a new update offering robust Kinect control. Want to listen to music? Just say "Xbox Music" and you'll be whisked right tot he music hub.

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Afirmitive2632d ago

Enough with Kinect already! It's like a console made just for kids! Wtf!

jazzking20012632d ago

lol its pretty interesting

2632d ago
astar1234567892632d ago

Stop with the kinect, if any thing make optional like the move in games this is getting very sad I feel bad for all xbox fans because this sucks! STOP all the rails!!!!

Afirmitive2632d ago

I second your comment. It was a very boring conference which is making me super excited for the Sony conference and even Nintendo.