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CaptainPunch2725d ago

Wow that was fast...*rolls eyes*

Anarki2725d ago!!!

Ahh go on.. I've had youtube on my ps3 since...forever

oricon2725d ago

Yup ive had it in my ps3 and wii lol.

darthv722725d ago (Edited 2725d ago )

of the wii version and ps3, I prefer the wii. Now with the 360 getting it I think I have a new preferred system.

@ below. I like the wii version not because of quality but because of the ease of pointing to the screen to type in a selection. I always hated typing on a controller.

Now I have one of those chat pads for the 360 that will get some well deserved use. It is way easier to type in using a full little keypad that a controller. I could very well get the keypar for the ps3 controller but as it turns out....I dont have one and why not use what I do have. Plugging in a wireless keyboard/mouse for the PS3 is an option but still and option I dont already have.

I got the chat pad for texting with my friends over live and (until now) it didnt get much use after the first few months. Timing was an issue but I was always able to send a message they could read at their leasure.

You are right. We dont know how it will be integrated but maybe they will add voice support through kinect to search for youtube stuff? All i know is that I could at least be able to use my chat pad more now.

Quality wise it shouldnt be any worse that the wii. If anything it will look better because i run my 360 at 720p instead of the wii at 480p. PS3 looked good too but it was just a matter of convenience and choice really.

Etseix2725d ago (Edited 2725d ago )


i miss the open zone a LOT on this time of the year T______T

Jellzy2725d ago (Edited 2725d ago )

@ darthv72

So you've got both a PS3 and Wii and prefer Youtube on the Wii?

Fair enough as you've obviously came to a reasonable conclusion (in your opinion) on why you believe it's better...

But without even knowing how well the youtube integration will work on the 360 and knobody having ever seen it (yet), you now prefer the 360's offering?

May I ask why exactly?

Joe29112725d ago

youtube is here too

skrug2725d ago

use the ps move

or even better use keyboard and mouse on ps3 ;)

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Tony-Red-Grave2725d ago (Edited 2725d ago )

thought id ask now but wasn't there a rumor, or announcement, awhile back boith psn and xbl would be getting a youtube app? or something along on the line?

AliTheBrit4202725d ago

You mean Sony finally catching up with Trophies?

Oh no wait, still plenty of games that dont have that yet..

StbI9902725d ago

Cough cough, still microsoft catching with cloud saving?...not yet humies, not yet LOL

Stryfeno22725d ago

Finally...been waiting for this for a long time. NICE!!!

eggbert2725d ago

Implying this hasn't been on PS3 since launch.

Also its kind of sad they are using Bing instead of google. I get they are trying to get more Bing traffic, but google would have obviously had more appeal.

Fishy Fingers2725d ago

Basically live blogging... Cant we have something more than a single line in each "article".

thehitman2725d ago

what u expect anything u will see during the conference is some guy quickly writing on the fly as they are watching just like us. You wont get a 4 paragraph article.

Fishy Fingers2725d ago

Exactly, so this is like Live blogging, which we already have about 10 articles doing. No need for individual submissions and approvals.

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