Tomber Raider Screens from Microsoft's E3 Press Conference

GPT: "Lara Croft is back and Sqaure Enix / Eidos was showing her off in a new demo at the Microsoft E3 press conference. The goal was to give gamers an idea of what they'll see and learn about the character we thought we knew everything about. The plan appears to be a retelling of how Lara became the Tomb Raider she now is. While we won't know much more in terms of details, we can look closely and analyze these new E3 screens."

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vgn242719d ago

I'd say Laura is looking more fit, lol

Tony-Red-Grave2719d ago

you should see the gameplay sounds like porn throughout the whole thing, not that i mind >.>

5119ent2719d ago

dosent that fable game look like that sony game with the magic

You Noob2719d ago

yep, with 1 difference, YOU CAN'T WALK. lol 100% automated