20 Million Unique Weapons in Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2

During Microsoft E3 briefing Ubisoft announced just how many weapons will be in Advanced Warfighter 2.


Actually Future Soldier, not Advanced Warfighter 2, my bad.

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Dart892748d ago

Looking forward to this game.

Kon2748d ago

The demo blew me away. Kinect implementation was brilliantly applied in the game

zootang2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )


Jazz hands to shoot, really??? Ghost recon looked great but kinect not so.

Tony-Red-Grave2748d ago

Kinect implementation was brilliantly applied in the game

kon i hope to god you mean in the weapon wheel and not overall

Mr Tretton2748d ago

Kinect looked stupid with this. You'll look like a complete tard playing like that. Raise your hand to scope in, now pretend your hand is a jellyfish to fire!

No thanks. Giiiiiiimmick.

ElementX2748d ago

The gesture recognition looked pretty cool. One day I may eventually buy Kinect.

5119ent2748d ago

Kinect stuff is easier to do with a controller something u would try out but not necessary to the game or even add to the game

kneon2748d ago

That's what they need to solve. Kinect has to make things easier, not harder, otherwise it's just a tacked on gimmick. So far the only thing I've seen that fits that criteria is the use of voice recognition in the Mass Effect 3 NPC commands. But that doesn't even need kinect, just a microphone.

MidnytRain2748d ago

How was Advanced Warfighter 2 confused with Future Soldier?

Tony-Red-Grave2748d ago

*spongebob says* imagination

wallis2748d ago

Five years ago I would have fuckin laughed at the idea of 20 million "unique" weapons but borderlands did a damned good job of proving the concept so rock on.

Saryk2748d ago

Yeah, but one weapon that shots green shit +1 and another weapon that shoots green shit +2, isn't that different. Still love Borderlands and hope this game is just as good.

wallis2748d ago

The difference between a x1 proc and a x2 proc is a helluva lot man. And it's the small hardly noticeable differences in a weapon that can make a big difference to how you use it. Yeah there's a lot of overlap but there inevitably has to be in order to create a sense of awe when you find one that does something truly unique. How can you have a rarity system without a sense of normality? There has to be some common traits to contrast with the individuality of some of the higher up guns.

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