All Future Titles in Tom Clancy Games Will support Kinect

All Future Title in Tom Clancy Games Will support Kinect

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zootang2668d ago

Let's just hope it's not all jazz hands.

MintBerryCrunch2668d ago

in terms of kinect use for core was the best presentation imo

lastdual2668d ago

As long as it's just the voice commands, that's fine.

majiebeast2668d ago

Gtfo with kinect please keep it for sesame street and other shit.

LOGICWINS2668d ago

"Gtfo with kinect please keep it for sesame street and other shit."

Relax buddy, its not that serious. No ones forcing you to buy it.

majiebeast2668d ago

No but it is gonna take time to implement taking resources from mp and sp.

DarkBlood2668d ago

well its not coming out of pocket majiebeast so calm your pants down lol

Headquarters112668d ago

You got your wish!!! LMFAO!!!!!

Fishy Fingers2668d ago

Kinect for the next xbox then.

Nes_Daze2668d ago

Hopefully the kinect support is improved, so far it looks weak in ghost recon.

ElementX2668d ago

A lot of haters. If you don't have Kinect, why do you care? I buy all my games on PS3, the only 360 games I buy are exclusive titles. I don't care whether or not Kinect is supported in various games, why the hell would you people make such a huge deal about it? Sounds like jealousy or some other personal issue. Grow up!

clevernickname2668d ago

Because it takes valuable time away from developing other core features of the game to implement this crap. Studios don't have infinite time and it's bad enough that some games get rushed out just to meet a deadline.

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