Tomb Raider at E3 Synopsis: An Exciting New Take on the Franchise

Lara Croft finds herself captured, hanging from the ceiling in an unknown place as the E3 demo of Tomb Raider kicks off. After swinging to and fro from the ceiling and bursting her prison into flames, Miss Croft, sounding incredibly worse-for-wear after landing, hard, upon the floor, begins to stalk down the corridors, torch in hand.

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Cwalk8162415d ago

Can't say I'm excited for the game, but maybe i'll try it if a friend buys it.

pungello19882415d ago

I haven't played a tomb raider game but this got me excited for this one!

honestpizza2415d ago

why is that the best part about this news is the new soundtack? I love the score in this!

pixboy2415d ago

I thought the same... all i kept thinking while it was shown was.. 'dang it sounds great'

pixboy2415d ago

It's been a while since I've had my hands on Lara... Now she's back, I'll be doing it again.

pixboy2415d ago

Oh jeeze... wish i hadn't said that now.