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crematory2724d ago (Edited 2724d ago )

the king of hack and slash games come back guys
noobs keep away

Andreas-Sword2724d ago

yeahhh... :D
Ninja Gaiden 3 will be the best Ninja game ever!
must have!
Day 1!

Simon_Brezhnev2724d ago (Edited 2724d ago )

Yeah this is a must buy i wish it would come out this year. Hell i hope more hack and slash games come out.

jc485732724d ago

this I can handle. God of War just goes too far for me to bare.

crematory2724d ago

i hope it exceed bayonetta combat system

MidnytRain2724d ago

I never got why Bayonetta was so popular, I hated the demo.

MidnytRain2724d ago

How can I miss out on a game I don't like? Lol, logic fail.

Cloudberry2724d ago

Now all that's left is for CAPCOM & Ninja Theory to unveiled their DmC.

If there's any in this E3...

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The story is too old to be commented.