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RedDead2629d ago

looked good, it seems to have a sad mood along with badass characters...we shall see with the mood, however beyond the mood, the ame looks great, I like open world, I like Zombies, I like RPG's. I like Dead island.

joydestroy2629d ago

hell yah man! looks so sick nasty haha

pody2629d ago

Stupid black voiceactor. It really made the game worse.

MidnytRain2629d ago

You haven't played it, bro. What's wrong with the voice actor?

pody2629d ago

He's bad and is the typical stereotype.

MidnytRain2629d ago

I live in Augusta, Georgia and I have to tell you, if that guy is from this area, he's spot on, lol.

GameOn2629d ago

I liked the voice, average person at a rap party. Everyone has a story.