Microsoft Press Conference Live Feed, Ask Questions And More

GB: "We are live blogging the Microsoft Press Conference and the good thing is there is no need to refresh!
You can also send us questions by using the send functionality below!
During the event we will also set up polls for more fun and interaction! Stay tuned with us as the Live Blog will launch in a few moments."

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crystalnova20042665d ago

Am curious to see what MS pull out this year. Let's hope it isn't all Kinect related

Misterhbk2665d ago

Feel like we're watching the 3rd party conference not the MS conference.

Drekken2665d ago

You would have to have relevant first party devs to make it feel different.

pramath16052665d ago

Please actually be worth watching this year...

Shazz2665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

is it running late ?

edit ahh bang on time excellent

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