Which? wants stiffer PSN theft penalty

Eurogamer writes: "UK consumer rights group Which? wants companies like Sony who lose your personal data slapped with harsher fines."

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MinusTheBear2720d ago

These people are still complaining even though it was confirmed the passwords were hashed and not CC info was taken.

blackburn102720d ago (Edited 2720d ago )

It human ignorance. Nothing that was lost that wasn't either pointless or encrypted. Instead of creating harsher penalties for the companies who are themselves victims, how about first creating harsher penalties for the people who break in and cause the damage in the first place.

Punishing the victims isn't going to make it stop but putting heavy fines and jail time for those who break into networks will definately slow them down. They won't be so eager to create hacker groups and announce their intentions if they knew they could go to jail for 10 years if found out. If you do what they are suggesting your not solving the problem your just creating more of them. By doing this you are creating an uneasiness with in the companies who in turn will lock their systems down and punish all of us guilty and innocent if we step out of line. Goodbye freedom and free networks, hello system lockdown. WE will be the ones paying through the nose for this.

hiredhelp2720d ago (Edited 2720d ago )

Witch are crap, over the past several years they are now company easyly bought to give positive reviews. Or bad

mrmikew20182720d ago

Eurogamer, are really making people in the UK look bad. The ones that play games at least. I could see if the credit information was stolen.....but oh well.

Max_Dissatisfaction2720d ago

yup! Can't be careless with my info SONY/MICROSOFT/Nintendo

JeepGamer2720d ago

So let me see if I have this right.

If somebody busts down a physical door and steals equipment it's the thief that is to blame for the data.

Yet somehow when you break down virtual doors and steal data it's the fault of company?

And don't give me that garbage about how Sony's servers were "insecure" and they "knew it" or use some stupid metaphor about how they "left it in the open asking people to take it" because that's all a bunch of crap and you know it.

And yes there needs to be a stiffer penalty for theft.

Levied against the THIEVES if they are ever caught. This whole mess got started primarily due to the fact that hacking isn't taken seriously and when Sony did take it seriously hackers went in to full indignant outrage mode because they had gotten away with it for so long that the very idea that anyone would attempt to do something about it in court just set them off.

What we should learn from this is not that we need to punish the victims of a crime, namely Sony, but that hackers can look forward to going to JAIL and face massive fines for their activities. Maybe that will give them a clue about how much harm they are doing.

The PS3 was fine, we had other OS and every other thing that everyone is whining at Sony over, but then one guy had to screw it up for everyone.

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