Joystiq: inFamous 2 Review

A Study in Power

"Video games with super-powered protagonists must be a pretty sticky wicket for developers. Make your hero -- or totally rotten villain -- too weak, and they won't tear through crowds of the un-powered with satisfying gusto. Make them too strong, however, and they'll tear through them with unsatisfying ease. If the many, many superhero titles that accidentally tumble into these two unfortunate paradigms are any indication, the sweet spot between these two boundaries is extraordinarily thin.

"Infamous 2 tows a perfect line between too-strong and too-puny, between human and superhuman, between risk and restraint. It halfheartedly delivers on a few of its promises, but its shortcomings are far outweighed by this one stellar achievement: It knows how to make you feel powerful."

- Griffin McElroy

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Abash2723d ago

Good review, I usually agree with Joystiq

clank5432723d ago

yeah, I'm really happy for Sucker Punch to see this game scoring the way its supposed to from that demo. After playing that, I really don't see how anyone can give it less than an 8/10.

movements2723d ago

I don't usually agree with Joystiq, but this one's good.

user83971442723d ago

The demo is awesome can't wait to pick this game!

bestofthebest2723d ago

Just finished infamous 1 is the ending different if you choose to use to sphere instead of destroying it? I had infamous 1 for a year but never finished it until today and I gotta say it surprised me, it got better towards the second half of the game. I didn't do many side missions just main story so I could finish in time for inf2.

goflyakite2723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

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The overall story works out the same for both good and evil, just some minor differences.

I'll use your example, if you choose to destroy the sphere, it backfires and kills John. It you choose to use the sphere John still dies. The cut scenes and dialog are a little different.

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Pintheshadows2723d ago

Going from the demo Sony just can't stop. I have to wait til Friday.

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