Halo 4: Didn't We Finish the Fight?

With Halo 4 supposedly leaked right before E3, FTG's PureDarkness sounds off on how valid another fight in the Halo universe can really be.

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Abash2598d ago

I personally think this should have been saved for the next Xbox

Fir3truck2598d ago

Totally agree, why now?

PureDarkness2598d ago

I just think they should have just left the series as is. It's such a great series and more games could just make the series in our memories worse. It's kind of like a great sports player who finishes out his days at some rubbish team, getting progressively worse and constantly saying that he will retire. Halo is essentially the gaming world's Brett Favre

Skyliner122598d ago

"Halo is essentially the gaming world's Brett Favre"

This is like, the best analogy ever. I could totally see Master Chief popping off his helmet and being all, "I WAS THE STAR GREEN BAY PACKER QB". Cliffhanger, then Halo 5 is mysteriously retitled to Favre: 2013.

NoobJobz2598d ago

It will be. If you catch my drift. Look for another certain announcement later on.

theonlylolking2598d ago

This could be for the next xbox but I doubt it since this is M$.

If halo 4 is on the 360 then I hope they fix the frame rate issues in singleplayer from reach.

Imp0ssibl32598d ago

I would have agreed if this happened 1 or 2 years ago, but Xbox doesn't have as many high quality exclusives as the PS3, they need something to draw back in a large audience.

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fr0sty2598d ago

If they didn't make you re-finish the fight, MS would have to create a new IP that actually sells well! How could you possibly expect that out of them?

fr0sty2598d ago (Edited 2598d ago )

Halo 4: Pick a New Fight

Great title!

DevilishSix2598d ago

another COD, Battlefield, Gears, Resistance, Killzone, etc, etc. Catch my drift? Validity is not something found much in the games industry these days.

PureDarkness2598d ago

But none of those games ever told us pretty much "yeah, we are finishing here. You can finish the story here"

heihoosilver2598d ago

We yes, MasterChief? NO. He is a super war machine, the fights never ends for a Spartan.
On topic, i love Halo and i´m glad to play another one. This and Halo HD = many hours of fun.

despair2598d ago

nothing wrong with a new Halo game, whats wrong with a new fight.