Gears Of War PC Preview By Games Radar

Epic have looked to have created an excellent PC version of Gears, complete with new single-player content, new maps, better mouse/keyboard control and free integrated Games For Windows Live co-op and multiplayer across as many different PC configurations as possible. As Epic gear up for development on the game's inevitable sequel, it's great to know that PC owners will finally get to play this killer series, and face-off against the Brumak beast - a fight that Xbox players can only wet dream about.

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wageslave3987d ago

"and face-off against the Brumak beast - a fight that Xbox players can only wet dream about. "

Hardly. Ever heard of DLC? Perhaps after the PC version gets some time on the shelves, and before GoW 2 ships, Xbox 360 owners may see this new content as DLC.

If not, no big deal, GoW was a terrific game and a great value without it. I've played the hell out of the Multi-player. Single player was as good a game as any ive *ever* played.

Panthers3987d ago

I think they said they arent going to bring the new content to XBL. Im not sure why. Maybe because M$ wont let them do it for free.

snittolo3987d ago

Loved the 360 version, interested to see what the difference will be placing it on the PC.

AllroundGamer3987d ago

free online gaming is always a nice feature, well it should be by default, but some guys nowadays like to pay for something, that is normally free...

Dr Pepper3987d ago

I wonder how difficult the Brumak battle will be. The corpser sure looked like it would be difficult but I beat it in less than a minute (on insane difficulty).

Charlie26883987d ago

Looks like the PC version might be the complete version of the game

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