Reeves: Sony and Microsoft Hopes To Drag Out Current Console Cycle As Long As Possible

While there have been a few developers who have expressed their desire to see the current console cycle come to an end soon, Capcom Europe CFO David Reeves doesn’t anticipate that either Sony or Microsoft will be urged to release a new gaming console in the near future.

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pedrami912725d ago (Edited 2725d ago )

IMO it's too early for next gen.

Im sure the PS3 and the 360 can still pump out great games in terms of both playability and gameplay.

theonlylolking2724d ago

The thing is even if sony does release a PS4 within 2 years they will still support the PS3 so you have nothing to lose. So why do you want this gen to keep going? Is it because you cannot afford a new console?

If you cant afford a new console then just dont buy it until you are able to. Gaming shouldnt be held back by cheapos or poor peeps. Tech needs to keep improving and with people like you that want tech to be at a standstill for years is not good.

There is a reason why people I know are moving to PC and it is because this cycle has gone on to long, games graphically dont look that much better since 2009 and BF3 will blow the console version 2000m out of the water.

You really think the PS3/360 have tons of power left? If they had "tons" of power left then why cant they run BF3 as good as the trailers that have been shown?

You also say you dont plan on buying a new system anytime soon so it should not matter if a new console cycle rolls in since you are not going to be buying a new one for awhile.

GameSpawn2724d ago

There is no reason to release the next gen systems (Wii aside) because it makes no sense economically.

The graphical leap that we would get from a next gen system now would not be worth the price it would most likely cost. On top of that console graphics as of now are more than acceptable. Sure PCs can do more graphically, but consoles will ALWAYS loose the cat and mouse graphics edge game to the PC within months of release.

The main appeal of choosing a console over a PC, especially for me, is that you don't have to muck around with configurations, worrying if you have enough of this or that, worrying if you have all your drivers up to date, etc. We you put a console game in you are pretty much assured it will work as intended (glitches and bugs aside, a la New Vegas) because every console is the same and the developer can have that game adjusted optimally depending on the console.

PC games have to be released with "flexibility". Yes this means you could pull the governor off and make a game look amazingly beautiful, but it also means that more unintended glitches could rear their ugly heads just because you are using the wrong point version of your graphics driver.

Also another problem of PC gaming versus console gaming is the cost over time to keep those amazing graphics. I'm sorry I'll take a $300 console over a $2000 gaming rig that will be out of date in months and require a minimum of $300 a year to keep upgraded.

Again, both have their pros and cons and we could debate for ages over the two. Hell, I used to be very Pro-PC-Gaming back in the day. Ultimately, what converted me was the sheer cost of keeping up. With a console I knew I was set for 5 years minimum, but with graphics hitting an acceptable ceiling this console generation may go out to 10 years (at least for Sony and Microsoft; Nintendo's fault for not taking risks).

jazzking20012724d ago

ps3/360 still got tons of power left
+ i dont plan on buying a new system anytime soon

5119ent2724d ago

i dont know about the power for both...but overall the leap wouldn't be worth it right now....look at pc graphics as a is just not worth it yet

Bladestar2724d ago

It's not too early for next generation according the general console life cycle. Any hardware being out for over 6 years (TV, cell phone, computer, etc) is considered technologically obsolete according to Moore's Law. Now this does not mean the PS3 and the xbox can't pump great games and what microsoft and Sony is doing is what they should be doing considering the current global recession but there is a huge gap between what the current consoles can do and what the next generation of consoles would do. This will be the longest console cycle in the history of the industry. I wouldn't expect a new console in the next 2-3 years.

Persistantthug2724d ago

the PC should be able to emulate some 2005-2007 XBOX 360 and PS3 games at least fairly decent.

Obviously since we know that's not true, then I'll be fair and give it another year.

By this time next year, I expect Fable 2 or HALO 3 emulation.......Shouldn't be too tough according to your assertions, right?

What I'm getting at, Bladestar,
Is I'm not interested in spending $400-$600 for INCREMENTAL GAINS.

When I see at least 1 retail game emulation, I'll start warming to the idea of a new console gen (excluding Nintendo, Of course).