Call of Duty Elite: all the features unveiled

List of all the feature of Call of Duty Elite, released by Activision

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Tank_Commander_E62719d ago


(damn shame what they did to this franchise)

PoulCast2719d ago


Made it the two most selling FPS games of all time? Damn, what a shame!!

Just admit it, it has SEVEN games on it's back. It's time to call it off and I think and hope MW3 will be the last installment in the Call of Duty franchise. With Sledgehammer & Raven Software in the fold, they can focus on new projects and leave this gigantic FPS-beast on the shelves.

002719d ago

If not HA HA activation you can go F**k yourselves

NateCole2719d ago

Lost of COD fans will. Me, no.

marioPSUC2719d ago

Im sure a lot of COD people will sadly.

marioPSUC2719d ago

Heres something interesting to note. Battlefield is doing something similar, except its TOTALLY FREE.

PoulCast2719d ago

Does that mean that D!CE is stupid, for not seeing an opportunity to make more money?

KDubyah2718d ago (Edited 2718d ago )

Lol, and they made it known that they will not be charging for it. ;)

@PoulCast - No, it just shows they are not greedy like Activision ..
Why screw over your loyal fanbase, to make a quick buck?

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