Assassin's Creed Loses PS3 Exclusivity

August 30, 2006 - When Ubisoft unveiled Assassin's Creed at E3 earlier this year, it was touted as a PlayStation 3 exclusive. And ever since then rumors have been flying around hinting that the game's "exclusivity" may be more temporary than Ubisoft initially let on. Whispers of an Xbox 360 port are nothing new, but yesterday came reports of a PC version as well.

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TheXgamerLive4007d ago (Edited 4007d ago )

remember this game wouldn't be a port to the XBOX 360 it would be a port to the ps3, and/or the PC may of been the original but at X05 this was announced and shown as Project Assasin, so not a port. In fact I'd say that the XBOX 360 version was the first version finished.
In fact I'd bet money that the XBOX version is/has been completed already, it's just waiting out the sony pay off game that they can't seem to uphold. Why you say, well b/c there still is no ps3.

TheXgamerLive4006d ago (Edited 4006d ago )


Next, we'll hear that the XBOX 360 version will be a console exclusive:))

TheXgamerLive4007d ago

"Here Here" to UBI's awakening. It's ok if ya wanna go ahead and tell everyone about the finished XBOX 360 version, right?

calderra4007d ago

Were the rumors of AC being run on a 360 at last e3 ever squashed?

Either way, it's prolly been for all of these platforms all along, but Ubi was paid to play it as an exlusive. Nothing new in the biz, but still. Ubisoft? NOT multiplatform on this one? C'mon.

tatical4007d ago

Q: Were the rumors of AC being run on a 360 at last e3 ever squashed?

A: Nope...

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