10+ minutes of raw Modern Warfare 3 gameplay heading your way

[email protected]: "And you people got excited about 5 minutes of Skyrim?! Fools!

Activision, keen to one-up everyone and everything everywhere, are plumping for a huge 10 minutes of raw Modern Warfare 3 gameplay - a pretty hefty helping for a game only recently announced. Or leaked. Or whatever happened there."

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e-p-ayeaH2719d ago

Those 10 mins are gonna pass by really fast.

Joni-Ice2719d ago

COD just don't excite me anymore. If true it will be Long and boring to me.

kneon2719d ago

I'm watching it right now and it's just not doing anything for me. If it was I wouldn't be bothering to poke around on n4g.

It's so far just looking like more of the same.

badz1492719d ago

tell me about it. the graphic engine is showing its age and it's not aging well! everything MW3 was so meh to me!

Cerberus292719d ago

Wow it's so new and innovative!


somerandomdude2719d ago

You can play Modern Warfare 2 if you want a sneek peak at this games graphics.

Tank_Commander_E62719d ago

Damn COD just got spanked by DICE/BF3. Seriously COD is a snooze fest compared to BF3.

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xtremeimport2719d ago

these cod modern warefare games are becoming the new world war 2 games. same old, same old.

qface642719d ago

don't kid yourself these military shooters are becoming the new WW2 games any military FPS is the same old same old some just look better than others

Tank_Commander_E62719d ago

and yet I'm excited for BF3 but not so much MW3. I wonder why.

wicko2719d ago

We've seen all this footage before. They've basically mashed together 3 of their levels. There was about 1 minute of gameplay and 9 minutes of cinematics.

The BF3 trailer invoked a lot more excitement in the crowd it seemed, I think it's high time CoD stepped down. Although I doubt that will happen..

CrazyForGames2719d ago

yet you bothered to click this article DUUUUR

paintsville2715d ago

COD will rock on xbox!!! This game has always performed better on 360. It'll sell 50 million copies because 360 owners actually buy games! Oh and not to mention DLC always coming first to XBOX!!!!!! ROCK ON!

lelo2play2719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

I liked the 10 min gameplay from Modern Warfare 3 in the Microsoft conference. It was pretty good with lot's of action and explosions. Seems to be better then the past call of duty's. The game engine appears to be a little outdated... but still looks good. They will probably have a new game engine in the next generation of consoles

P.S. Lot of hate against call of duty in N4G but everybody buys the game... LOL

superrey192719d ago

40% that of that video was swimming, 40% was on-rails shooting with fancy set-pieces happening around you, and 20% was u actually controlling the character and shooting at people (with extreme amounts of auto aim). Definitely not my idea of fun, but if that's what floats your boat...

blackhammer2718d ago

Yeah. Watched the gameplay video and I felt bored. I felt actually like they were playing MW2, but MW1 as well. There's just... so little change.

BF3 comment: Now THAT gameplay really stunned me. The vastness of the desert gave me a hard on.

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jozzah2719d ago

Ummm yeah we we got excited about possibly the best game to come out this year, not Look its exactly the same of duty 3.

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