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Submitted by PhilipLarkin 1636d ago | news

10+ minutes of raw Modern Warfare 3 gameplay heading your way

GGTL@E3: "And you people got excited about 5 minutes of Skyrim?! Fools!

Activision, keen to one-up everyone and everything everywhere, are plumping for a huge 10 minutes of raw Modern Warfare 3 gameplay - a pretty hefty helping for a game only recently announced. Or leaked. Or whatever happened there." (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, E3, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

Update http://e3.gamersguidetolife...

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M-Easy   1636d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(8)
e-p-ayeaH  +   1636d ago
Those 10 mins are gonna pass by really fast.
Joni-Ice  +   1636d ago
COD just don't excite me anymore. If true it will be Long and boring to me.
kneon  +   1636d ago
I'm watching it right now and it's just not doing anything for me. If it was I wouldn't be bothering to poke around on n4g.

It's so far just looking like more of the same.
badz149  +   1636d ago
tell me about it. the graphic engine is showing its age and it's not aging well! everything MW3 was so meh to me!
Cerberus29  +   1636d ago
Wow it's so new and innovative!

somerandomdude  +   1636d ago
You can play Modern Warfare 2 if you want a sneek peak at this games graphics.
Tank_Commander_E6  +   1636d ago
Damn COD just got spanked by DICE/BF3. Seriously COD is a snooze fest compared to BF3.
xtremeimport  +   1636d ago
these cod modern warefare games are becoming the new world war 2 games. same old, same old.
qface64  +   1636d ago
don't kid yourself these military shooters are becoming the new WW2 games any military FPS is the same old same old some just look better than others
Tank_Commander_E6  +   1636d ago
and yet I'm excited for BF3 but not so much MW3. I wonder why.
wicko  +   1636d ago
We've seen all this footage before. They've basically mashed together 3 of their levels. There was about 1 minute of gameplay and 9 minutes of cinematics.

The BF3 trailer invoked a lot more excitement in the crowd it seemed, I think it's high time CoD stepped down. Although I doubt that will happen..
the_best_player  +   1636d ago
Not thanks COD is meh
CrazyForGames  +   1636d ago
yet you bothered to click this article DUUUUR
paintsville  +   1632d ago
COD will rock on xbox!!! This game has always performed better on 360. It'll sell 50 million copies because 360 owners actually buy games! Oh and not to mention DLC always coming first to XBOX!!!!!! ROCK ON!
lelo2play  +   1636d ago
I liked the 10 min gameplay from Modern Warfare 3 in the Microsoft conference. It was pretty good with lot's of action and explosions. Seems to be better then the past call of duty's. The game engine appears to be a little outdated... but still looks good. They will probably have a new game engine in the next generation of consoles

P.S. Lot of hate against call of duty in N4G but everybody buys the game... LOL
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superrey19  +   1636d ago
40% that of that video was swimming, 40% was on-rails shooting with fancy set-pieces happening around you, and 20% was u actually controlling the character and shooting at people (with extreme amounts of auto aim). Definitely not my idea of fun, but if that's what floats your boat...
blackhammer  +   1635d ago
Yeah. Watched the gameplay video and I felt bored. I felt actually like they were playing MW2, but MW1 as well. There's just... so little change.

BF3 comment: Now THAT gameplay really stunned me. The vastness of the desert gave me a hard on.
jozzah  +   1636d ago
Ummm yeah we we got excited about possibly the best game to come out this year, not Look its exactly the same of duty 3.
dorron   1636d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
0oAngeluso0   1636d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(4)
sickbird   1636d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
Bits-N-Kibbles   1636d ago | Off topic | show | Replies(3)
Ve3tro   1636d ago | Off topic | show
fastNslowww  +   1636d ago
COD makes me laugh, it's way to scriped and linear for my liking. They brag about having it match up to b3, yet they only had how much dev time?

they haven't got the time nor ability to create what B3 will be offering, they don't care for that...they just want to pump up the same reskinned crap yearly...cause they know gamers will eat it up anyways. Just keep MW2..and don't waste your time.

Just wait for b3...srsly. much better mechanics and much bigger in scope for those online battles.
FFXI101  +   1636d ago
"Gamers will eat it up anyways"
So true, BF3 is using the new engine and with dedicated server. It looks better then MW3 in every way.
MELMAN26  +   1635d ago
Looks better? You are looking at pc footage.
TLG1991  +   1635d ago
it still will look better on console MW1 looked outdated and they still going at it with the same engine it was boring for me from MW1 and i wont go near COD again, ever!
mahfuz27  +   1633d ago
looking at pc footage?
so what?, you actually think mw3 will look better than BF3 on consoles? XD

go play Bad company 2, and you'll realise that bf3 graphics even being slightly better than bc2 graphics will blow cod MW3's dated engine out of the water!
retrofly  +   1636d ago
We want MP footage, none of this boring SP stuff :)
zero_gamer   1636d ago | Trolling | show
Kal853   1636d ago | Off topic | show
Dr Face Doctor  +   1636d ago
"And you people got excited about 5 minutes of Skyrim?! Fools!"

Yeah, you tell 'em! I'm tired of all the yearly Elder Scrolls rehashes being pumped out every year!

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yamzilla  +   1636d ago
hope they show maxed out pc footage instead of that sub-hd, jaggie messy footage they used in the trailer, compared to mw1,mw2, waw, and BO, that trailer look like absolute dogsh!t... i have never seen a call of duty game look that crappy, then again, i've played them all on pc

if you own a bmw
and you own a ford festiva
you pick a date up in the bmw

why the #@$% did they show the festiva?
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Veni Vidi Vici  +   1636d ago
They did it because they've been bought by consoles but MS more specifically. That's who they sell the most to. I play FPS's on PC so I know where you're coming from but COD has pretty much given up on the PC crowd. The fact they can't even do dedicated servers pretty much proves that fact.
ufo8mycat  +   1635d ago
because the bmw has no game
yamzilla  +   1635d ago
the console version is 1024x600 with no anti aliasing so it is muddy and covered in jaggies.
I guess at least it runs close to 60 frames, better 99% of console games that run at 20-30.


the pc version will be 2560x1600 with 32x anti aliasing running at 120 frames per second, so, it is BETTER than the console version in every possible way imaginable!
kasser   1636d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
Inzo  +   1636d ago
Uhhh..........Looks like more of the same.
pennywhyz  +   1636d ago
this game is for sheep folloing a herd real gamers that know quality will not by it.and not to mention it looks awful on consoles.
#17 (Edited 1636d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
nihonlight  +   1636d ago
Well, great design. But this engine is really starting to show it age.
I'll be passing on this. Good effort by IW.
SlaughterMeister   1636d ago | Off topic | show
maxmill   1636d ago | Trolling | show
Picture_Dancer  +   1636d ago
Is it still a game or just interactive movie?
CrimsonSquall  +   1636d ago
George Bush as the president was more exciting than the MW3 Gameplay, like wtf
IAML36I0N  +   1636d ago
At least we know what the console game looks like. I'm impressed.
shammgod  +   1636d ago
I have played this already...back when it was called black ops
James Vanderbeek  +   1636d ago
can anyone really get excited for this game? you know the media are going to drool over it like its gods gift to gaming just like they did with modern warfare 2 and black ops.. I think I will actually pass on this one.. i think everyone should pass on this game to show we wont be fooled again.

just give me call of duty 4 with beefed up graphics, more guns, and more maps and some new game modes..
N2NOther  +   1635d ago
Pass? No thanks. Who was fooled and what's were they fooled into believing? It's COD. AS a fan we are ok with more of the same. It's a series on an existing platform. What series rebuilds their tech on the same platform? Please do not cite the new Frostbite engine because BF2 was a port. This is Dice's first proper BF game for this generation of consoles so it makes sense for them to do it. Do you think they will rebuild their engine for BF 4 should it be released on 360 and PS3?

I am sooooo sick of all the anti- COD nonsense from "gamers" on here. You every get tired of saying the same thing over and over? I sure get tired of hearing/ reading it.
neogeo  +   1636d ago
its perfect. I hope that DONT make a new engine. Anything more powerful wont run @ 60fps on anything but maybe NINs new system. Wait into next gen systems then make a new engine. If those low res textures looked any better I promise you it will only run at 30fps just like BF3.
Hitest  +   1636d ago
Lmao, dude you are clearly full of s**t... The Frostbite 2 engine blows the old COD (modified ID engine) out of the water. There is clearly room for improvement, but stupid people like you keep buying these games, year after year, proving to them, that they do not need a new engine...

People like you ruin gaming for the rest of us... Plain and simple...
neogeo  +   1636d ago
OK then smart guy. What frame rate does the frostbite engine run at on consoles??? Now you look and feel like a bag of douche. Dumb ass.
N2NOther  +   1635d ago
They don't NEED. A new engine. The one they have now works fine for the game.
Hitest  +   1635d ago
From neogeo + 6h ago
OK then smart guy. What frame rate does the frostbite engine run at on consoles??? Now you look and feel like a bag of douche. Dumb ass.

So what if it runs at 30 FPS? It has a better animation system, full destruction, better graphics, larger maps, higher res textures, and what does MW3 have, the same crap from the game before it just with new levels and set pieces. Go ahead and keep buying the same BS from Activision year after year. I (and a lot of others) am done with the series.
N2NOther  +   1634d ago
I would love to hear you quantify "a lot" when you speak about people being done with the series. If you mean the vocal minority that post on the Internet then you're way off the mark on the words " a lot". This is the same nonsense I read on hear two years ago when they started showing MW2. Only the game people were saying would compete with it was different.

This game is going to sell tons of copies despite the boo-hooing of "gamers" who think their opinion matters.
outlawlife  +   1636d ago
the game actually looked pretty good, a lot of action

people need to stop with the battlefield 3 crap it is getting old, you act like bf3 will be a new experience compared to old battlefield looks prettier and it plays the same

ea has me nervous because they will not show any console footage what so ever...gotta be a reason

even their live demo was on a super charged PC

people hate on call of duty because it is popular

battlefield has no moral ground on call of duty for me, I don't get it

both release on hurried schedules with very similar games with nominal improvements and all the sudden because they make battlefield pretty it is amazing?

someone explain, and dont play the free DLC thing either because most of the dlc for bad company wasn't dlc it was unlocked sections of maps that were already on the disc
#27 (Edited 1636d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
artdafoo  +   1636d ago
True the video shown was on a high end PC, then again they could have shown MW2.5 on a godamn super computer and it would still look like MW2.5

It's simple MW3 is using an updated MW2 engine, it's like taking a 2004 Nissan Maxima, taking it to Earl Scheib and getting a $300 paint job, putting on a set of chrome looking hubcaps from Pep Boys and then trying to selling it as a new car.

BF3 is like a 2012 Nissan GTR. It's being built from the ground up with a brand spanking new engine that has been in development for at least 5 years.

How will that translate on the consoles ? Well COD fanboys, go to youtube and compare COD 2 or even COD 3 to COD 4. See the difference ?

So using basic logic, it stands to reason that while BF3 on consoles will not be the most beautiful game ever, it will at the very least be matching Uncharted 2 and KZ3 if not surpassing them both.

Hitest  +   1636d ago
people need to stop with the battlefield 3 crap it is getting old, you act like bf3 will be a new experience compared to old battlefield looks prettier and it plays the same

Hmmm, kinda like the same COD with the same engine, year after year???

people hate on call of duty because it is popular

No, they hate because they get the same rehashed crap year after year (again), and to top it off, they are trying to charge people monthly for it!

both release on hurried schedules with very similar games with nominal improvements and all the sudden because they make battlefield pretty it is amazing?

Really, because BF games make WAY more improvements than COD games, and they don't come out yearly...

someone explain, and dont play the free DLC thing either because most of the dlc for bad company wasn't dlc it was unlocked sections of maps that were already on the disc

Again, wrong, maybe if you bought the later editions that came with all the maps packs, but I forgot, COD can't do that, because by the time they came out with a "later edition" a new game would be out...

Dude, COD is rehashed crap year after year, at least BF tries to make their engine better (and not charge people to look at their damned stats!).
outlawlife  +   1635d ago
they don't charge to look at the stats

all of that stuff is free, they have not said what the paid portion of elite is, you'll be able to view your stats in game and on the web just as before

and I didn't buy a later edition I bought on day 1 and the "free dlc" was just unlocking the same maps for different wasn't anything new and it was especially lame since it came with so few maps to begin with

I'm not defending one franchise or the other I just don't get why all of the sudden battlefield is god just because it got a face lift

until they show some really exciting gameplay and multiplayer I'm not buying BF same with COD

with cod we kn ow what we will get, battfield is up in the air because they won't show multiplayer or console

battlefield will be best on pc but chances are my pc will need an upgrade to make it look like the demo and I'm over that aspect of PC games
blink3020  +   1636d ago
Looks awesome! Cant wait for this fall. BF3, MW3, Uncharted 3 and skyrim.
TheBrightIdea  +   1636d ago
Hey listen...I'm a socom faithful. (Not this latest version) I love killzone3 and I'm extremely excited for BF3...I gave up on CoD a long time was very obvious the game wasn't evolving .......the funny bit to me is that,most people who talk crap about CoD still actually buy it...what's the use in smack talking if you're going to buy it anyway?

I'm sure if you checked some of these peoples trophy lists or gamer'd see every CoD was
Bounkass  +   1636d ago
Lol, yes. Same old same old... Just anoter FPS... Wtf?
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