New Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Trailer Looks Like Call of Duty

A new trailer for Ace Combat: Assault Horizon reveals the storyline. Oddly, there seem to be many similarities to the Modern Warfare series, even to the point that it looks like Ghost appears.

Couple that with AC130 gameplay and a nuke going off, well, you basically have Modern Warfare with more planes. I know the series is attempting to make a comeback, but is it necessary to dip your desperation to the point that you basically rip-off gaming's biggest selling franchise?

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi2719d ago

My goodness those graphics.

Does put you in the mind of Modern Warfare. Loving the theme song as usual.

Cerberus21252719d ago

WOW,put some pilots in military uniform,have fighting jets and choppers and it most be copying call of duty,what's next,every game that has a weapon is copying call of duty?.give me a break.

ChrisPriestman2719d ago

Oh come on, the antagonist's name is Markov as well. That's nothing like Makarov at all, is it?

MRHARDON2719d ago

Call of Duty copyied the first FPS ever created.

/Nuff said.

Neckbear2719d ago

"even to the point that it looks like Ghost appears."

Uh, mister, real life Choppers use that kind of "mask":

Seriously, I actually dislike this direction of REAL LIFE BECAUSE SO HARDCORE, but do some research before writing an article.

e-p-ayeaH2719d ago

Everyone just likes to use CoD as a reason to comment nowdays its pathetic.

Even myself lol

Dlacy13g2719d ago

This almost has me excited for this game. Was very impressed by what I saw, just hoping they can do a decent single player story this time around....they have yet to pull that off on any of the previous games. Would also be nice if they had some decent voice acting to with these great visuals.

Xof2719d ago

...Um, Ace Combat has had some good stories in the bast. Five was a ton of fun, and Zero wasn't too terribly awful, either.

And the voice acting has always been decent. Hell, the AC franchise has always had above-average voice acting. You sound like you've never played any AC game before (or have only played AC6, and simply assume all of the other games are as bad).

SSKILLZ2719d ago

Ace combat 4 was the shit ! This one looks sick !!! It's on my radar for sure ;)

Louis_Guzman2719d ago

@Dlacy13g: I take it you've only played 6 and assumed the rest have a cornball story like that one. Ace Combat 4's story in particular is exceptional. Maybe you should stick to the generic CoD stories or the souless, geopolitical babblings of Tom Clancy games.

Dlacy13g2719d ago

@Louis... I played most of the Ace Combat games and never found any of the stories worthwhile. I found them overtly Japanese...which I personally don't care for. To each their own I guess.

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The story is too old to be commented.