Bioware Confirmed to be part of Microsoft’s E3 Conference

Bioware, have confirmed that they’ll be at Microsoft’s E3 conference today.

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MintBerryCrunch2721d ago

if it ends up having kinect....hopefully its just voice commands and nothing more...looking forward to some gameplay footage and maybe a date for when they will release the demo

limewax2721d ago

Same, been waiting for Mass Effect 3, Not Mass Kinect 3. I really hope whatever is implemented only adds another control method for voice options, I dont want to pay out for Kinect because I cant access some features of one game

mark01922721d ago

Or sitting down force pushes :D

Max_Dissatisfaction2721d ago

Don't be a closed minded ignoramus, Kinect is an OPTION, having an option does not mean you cannot use your dualshock or 360 controller no matter how much stuff they do with kinect.
I'm hoping for hybrid kinect & controller gameplay. Using the controller to move, shoot and other similar tasks, I want kinect for biotic powers and such. Also throwing grenades if they implement them into the game

snipermk02721d ago

Ah.. I see what's going on. Marketing multiplatform games as exclusives again, MS??

Grown Folks Talk2721d ago

Right. Because the type of people who would actually attend or watch E3 don't already know it's multiplatform.

snipermk02721d ago

The gaming media and N4G make but a small fraction of the gaming populace. So, u were saying??

Grown Folks Talk2721d ago

Casuals won't be watching or probably even know about E3. Thus they aren't going to be showing the game to anybody that doesn't already know it's multi.

You were saying?

snipermk02721d ago

WTH? E3 is on bloody SPIKE TV man! I say that cos I KNOW people who think the xbox is better cos it has COD.

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Delicious Malicious2721d ago (Edited 2721d ago )

SWTOR for the XBOX, oh how I wish but wont happen.

Zir02721d ago

It will be interesting to see what features they add to ME3 using Kinect

ksense2721d ago

you can make out without using a controller or touch body parts!!

theonlylolking2721d ago

Must.TOUch.BOOBIES I CANT FEEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

coolbeans2721d ago

Still doesn't beat bubble wrap when it comes to nerds ;).

MariaHelFutura2721d ago

Hacking and possibly the weapon/power wheel.

VampiricDragon2721d ago

whatever it is. It wont be an exclusive game. Just an exclusive feature. So non interesting

Breadisgood2721d ago

It'll probably just be about the Kinect features for Mass Effect 3.

VampiricDragon2721d ago

exactly. And I think most people would prefer ME 3 without the gimmicks.

So I am not sure if people will even care

GiggMan2721d ago (Edited 2721d ago )

Could it be a timed exclusive? (The game of course)

I haven't been keeping up with news lately, trying not to spoil E3 so I wouldn't know...

Adva2721d ago (Edited 2721d ago )

Nah, it was revealed ME3 will come at all platforms at the same time.
@Raven, look at him say "Optional" for his beloved Xbox360 when he himself has been complaining about optional PS3 controls and features.

Winkle922721d ago (Edited 2721d ago )

I'd like to see you able to answer questions by nodding your head, or browse menus with a swipe of the hand. That just seems like a perfect addition to a game set in the future like Mass Effect.

Wizziokid2721d ago

looks like ME3 with Kinect could be legit, sadly I can't use Kinect in my room so it's not interesting anyway

Alos882721d ago

Jade Empire 2 announcement? I wish.

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