Origin and Steam not an "either/or choice," says EA

TVGB: "When EA revealed Origin last week, many dubbed it the publisher's own version of Steam and while it can be argued the grounds on which the service stands on does resemble Valve's popular store, EA Global Online senior VP David DeMartini has dismissed such name-callings, saying that Origin and Steam or not an 'either/or choice.'"

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omegaortega2722d ago

I wish Microsoft, EA, Blizzard and other companies will just fully support Steam instead of trying to compete. Having to use Steam, GFWL+Marketplace & now Origin just because of exclusivity? For example you have to use Origin for the digital copy of The Old Republic... Having to use 4 - 5 different programs because I prefer playing my games on PC... fail.

GrieverSoul2722d ago

I agree with you. However, you gotta see this as a competitive move. If one solo company owns the market then they are able to price however they want.

Still, Steam sometimes feels like its just there to make gamers happy. Steam is really a great platform with affordable prices and support.

theonlylolking2722d ago

"If one solo company owns the market then they are able to price however they want."

Not if that solo company is valve.

Coheno2722d ago

In other words, we make too much money off of Steam, ain't quitting that!

chak_2722d ago

BF3 better not be origin exclusive !

chak_2722d ago

I meant for the "back to karkand" preorder DLC.

No_Pantaloons2722d ago

I gotta think physical disk sales will rise if this trend takes off. Each company going "exclusive" with their digital games leaves gamers with either managing several different accounts or just buying a disk from retail.

Personally I always buy the disk anyways, so it doesn't matter to me, but I'm still annoyed by each companies "me too" attitude when they see someone else making money. I'm not sure the gamers need this at all, seems like more hassle for nothing.

user28971562722d ago (Edited 2722d ago )

I wasn't aware that EA had the right to the movies Titanic 2 and Titanic 3.
Titanic 2 being Kotor and Origin being Titanic 3.

But i think EA is trying to teach consumers on the origin of feces, hence, ORIGIN.

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