Battlefield 3 To Use TSAA

Transparency SuperSamping to be fully enabled in the newest EA DICE's Game

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thekiddfran2665d ago

wow that is fantastics news. Guys with amazing rigs will be happy!!

captain-obvious2665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

is this AA method new or something ?
i hope my 560 ti can do it

first time hearing about it TBH

@ below
looks like i'll just turn it off then lol

Fishy Fingers2665d ago

Yes first time actually used in-game and doubt a 560 will have enough grunt unless you have everything else set very low, making it pretty pointless.

Hanif-8762665d ago

This is old news there's even a comparison that DICE did to show the differences

g-nome2665d ago

So it will make all douchebags disappear?

NiceGuy1922665d ago

Will be awesome for those who can afford it.

AKS2665d ago

Hmm, this fits perfectly into my plan for upgrading later this year.

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