Sony Europe Hacked, But No Data Stolen

Sony's share price fell more than three percent to a two-year low Monday after the latest online attack against the Japanese electronics and entertainment giant targeted its European subsidiary.

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movements2723d ago

And we're supposed to "love" hackers because they're on "our" side? Wow.

Ndibu_2723d ago

They don't all claim to be do they now?

just_looken2723d ago

White hats are the only ones that deserve respect the others are just pos.

b_one2723d ago

they do it for fun, only and dont care about other things, selfish bastards

r1sh122723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

These hackers are fighting the hacker vs Sony cause.
Sony decided to try and make a point and look whats happening.

Theres a blog from 1 of the head security guys at sophos:

This is hack number 13 and im most cases data has been stolen and is now being posted online.

I liked sony in general, they make decent TV's and I love my PS3 - but from all of this it shows Sony's lack of interest in protecting My/Our personal INFO.

I really feel sorry for the people who have had their info posted on the net, but we are all at risk here.
Its only a matter of time before the PSN breach data is posted.
@blackhoode - most large companies deal with daily hacks, but MS learned years ago - Run a hack responsibility program where if a vulnerability is found let MS know and you get a reward.
Sony really should do that, although every Sony attack has been using the SQL injection which is very basic.

GrandTheftZamboni2723d ago

You think anyone is buying that?

Anyone older that 12 knows that all those hackers want is an unprotected device so they can sell pirated software.

They are pissed off because Sony's got balls to try and stop them.

r1sh122723d ago

WHere did I say anything about piracy?
All I said was sony could have avoided this if they had a responsible hacking program like MS.

If they used the knowledge of the hacks by finding out how the hackers got in they could have protected their system and avoided all of this. SO many people said "Employ some of the hackers".

Even apple recently employed someone who jailbroke their phone and IOS5 will have better notifications on the closed system.

GrandTheftZamboni2723d ago

Sure, they could have avoided if they didn't try to do anything about protecting their and their' partners intelectual property. Even if hackers come out victorius, at least Sony showed they got balls in dealing with them.

I mentioned pirates because you make this hacking look like a fight with a good cause. And, also because this is what it's all about. Sony couldn't care less what you or me or Geohot do with our equipment, but posting stolen PS3 keys online is what allows for playing pirated games.

If you buy your games, you should try to get most out of your money. Would you rather have it spent on game development or dealing with hackers? PSN downtime cost millions of dollars. I'm sure that big chunk of it would have gone for new
games or new products.

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MinusTheBear2723d ago

Wow even Ninty's shares got hit from hacking. What a bunch of assholes. Japan already has enough problems to deal with.

Istanbull2723d ago

Don't worry, ze haxorz are fightung for ourz freedomzzzz


Mr-Dude2723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

Stupid selfish ignorant litte girls, that's what they are
They are lower then fungus, lower then poop.
The only thing i wish them, is a certain jailtime, or even better! A big penalty to pay, so that they have to work to pay it of!

No, really they are stupid

Coheno2723d ago

Assholes gonna be assholes! What else is new?

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