Ace Combat: Assault Horizon E3 2011 Trailer

TGH Writes: "E3 is upon us and let the games begin with this kickass trailer for the upcoming Ace Combat: Assault Horizon. Strap yourself in and call your wingman, Ace Combat has taken it to a whole new level with an in depth storyline for the new title."

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lpfisher2721d ago

When did Ace Combat games get so epic! I want this now

Ninver2721d ago

Off topic:

Don't know about you'all but i'm hyped to see Guerrilla Games new IP.

mastahmind2721d ago

they took a lot of inspiration from COD no ??

Bladestar2721d ago

what the hell? this does not look like the usually repetitive arcadeish ace combat type of games with those corny depressing story lines about characters that spend too much time hugging trees. I will keep an eye on this one.

MidnytRain2721d ago

I usually dislike flight games, but that looked great! I hope they get the sense of speed right, which is what I feel is missing in other games in the genre. The only thing is that it releases in the fall. Too many games at the end of this year; I'm expecting to see some delays due to Modern Warfare 3.