Star Wars Kinect Won't Make You A 'Star Wars Kid'

NowGamer: The first concrete details on the upcoming Kinect Star Wars title have hit the net ahead of an E3 reveal - gamers will be able to use their own replica Lightsabers with the game...

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jmare2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

Youtube says different.
Jump to 0:50

X_GAMER_X2746d ago

So i guess you have been working with LucasArts and knows what they are doing right?

jmare2746d ago

I'm sorry. I saw the trailer that looked so "impressive", which is what the author of this article based it on. Then there is the video I linked to that shows an actual gameplay demonstration and it doesn't look the same. Go figure.

gta28002746d ago

Funny thing is, I don't find it hard imagining people flailing around a stick in their living room while playing this.

skyward2746d ago

Yeah, but Kuno Tsunoda already looks a bit like him anyway. In all seriousness: doesn't look too promising, doe it?

gta28002746d ago

That looks so lame. I think that guys mullet was more interesting than that game and the fact that he wore glasses indoors.

newn4gguy2746d ago

That's actually moderately disappointing...

Rainstorm812746d ago

They wouldve been better off remakeing and updateing the old star wars arcade to be customized for Kinect.

They game looks good....... for the Kinect demographic but a lil bit of a spit in the face of true Star Wars fans

DJMarty2746d ago

No, just a laughing stock..............Kinect sucks so bad..........LOL

DlocDaBudSmoka2746d ago

WOW. that star wars game looks like hot garbage. lag central in that youtube clip. heres hoping they get it fixed.

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