Gamer's Corner: Starhawk Started Life As A LittleBigPlanet Clone

In a recent interview, Starhawk's Harvard Bonin confirmed that Starhawk started life as a very different type of game; "Originally it was really out there and was very much a LittleBigPlanet type of game where you were building the buildings and making your own maps."

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FACTUAL evidence2724d ago

ok so how was it an lbp clone?......It had a map editor ok? If that's the case lbp is a clone of many others.

MidnytRain2724d ago (Edited 2724d ago )

Yeah, this title was warped. The author mentions it in the article once and it gets promoted to a headline. The idea that Bonin (XD) was talking about sounds like he was making a "Play, Create, Share"-type game, not a clone of LBP.

THC CELL2724d ago

draw a own buildings have em damage and draw own turrets may even create ya own transport from nothing but metal wood etc i see lbp next game will have full 3d maps and it will come to a point we will get fps and more from lbp.