Have Cinematic Trailers Become An Archaic Form Of Marketing?

Alex Hilhorst writes, "In the lead-up to this year’s E3 show, many publishers have released trailers for their upcoming games, to stir up buzz before the floor doors even open. Some, such as those for Batman: Arkham City and Assassin’s Creed: Revelations are heavy on gameplay and use in-game assets. Others, such as the stunning trailer for the Tomb Raider reboot are beautiful rendered cinematic trailers that make the FX in this summer’s crop of blockbusters look ancient in comparison. But in today’s market, where the graphics of many games, even those on consoles, rival the CGI seen in films and cutscenes aren’t generally pre-rendered, is there still a place for the cinematic trailers of old?"

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ATiElite2720d ago (Edited 2720d ago )

Like one wise DICE developer said....
"Advertise your game by showing your game".

If you make a game and the first thing you show is a CGi trailer then that's a sign that you have no confidence in your product so then why should I buy it?

We are at the point in Game Tech where most Game engines look almost as good as CGI anyway. Besides I'm spending money on the game not your CGI skills.

That goes for cut scenes too. Only CGI that is OK is maybe the intro story and the ending other than that save the CGI for Hollywood.

Urrakia342720d ago

Why did you capitalize game tech?

ATiElite2719d ago

I don't know! Maybe i was tired when i typed it. I capitalized Game engine too.

Oh I know why......cause i like Games and Technology.


CGi on the first trailer may be a bad sign, but it's one that not everybody recognize... In other words: praying on the stupid.

One thing I just said days ago and we'll say again, CGi are now something for the movie industry, not for the gaming one. This gen marked that.

As soon as in-engine graphics became more acceptable for storytelling and without having the space and cost concerns of pre rendered graphics, almost all companies abandomned immediatelly. Even if you look at really early tittles of this gen, you notice that developers just used CGi for intro and marketing, except for the eventual Final Fantasy and other CGi fanatics.

It's simply not practical anymore.

steve30x2720d ago

The Cinematic trailer has taken over for most demos these days. Developers rely on us believeing a game is good without playing it ourselves , then cry that the game gets pirated. Games werent pirated near as much when we got a demo for every game that was released , because everybody was able to sample the game before paying out for the game. We are expected to pay for a game and like it after watching a trailer , but what if the trailer showed all the best parts of the game and when we bought the game it was rubbish.

I say bring back the demo's and leave us decide if the game is good after playing it first. Even if its the game with a 30 minute or 1 hour trial period and after that you cant play it any more it would help us decide if the game is for us or not.

Also these developers rely on us to think the game is good with reviewers giving a good review (Some developers will take down bad reviews) , but at the end of the day everybody is different and one reviewers taste of game might not be the same as yours. I've played a few games that got a bad review only for it to be a good game in my opinion.

Slappy McGee2720d ago

If you have faith in your game release a demo (BEFORE THE GAME RELEASES)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is no excuse not to other than laziness or fear that people will know it sucks before you trick them out of their money.