What I'd Put in Portal 3

Jeffrey Matulef writes, "I'm not sure there should be a Portal 3. This isn't a diss to Portals 1 or 2; quite the opposite. Rather I feel like Portal 2 ended on such an impossible high note that following it up with, well, anything sounds like a fool's errand. Then again, I said the same thing about the first Portal before Valve blew me away with its sequel three years later. So if they DO decide to make a Portal 3, here's what I'd like to see put in it."

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disturbing_flame2748d ago

An anti aliasing for the 360 version ?

wallis2747d ago

If valve make portal 3 before episode 3 I'm catching a flight and punching gabe Newell in one of his chins.

mrsatan2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

I really want to be able to use portals to dismember people. Half a corpse through one and half through the other. Dropping enemies onto other enemies ragdoll style would be fun too.

But this ends up being too far a departure from the first 2 games so maybe a spin off or put the gun in half life episode 3.

SpartanZero2747d ago

Just make 360 version on par or superior I suggest doing the same thing Epic is doing with Gears 3 no AA so like PS3's MLAA you could save some resources and make it visually superior than the ps3 version. AA isn't important anyways and besides the L4D style of AA you used in Portal 2 was bad anyways