What Questions Must Dragon Age 3 Answer?

Matt Randisi writes, "By now it’s common knowledge that BioWare is hiring for production of the third and presumably final installment of the Dragon Age series. With so much lore and backstory between the first two games, the third has much to continue and conclude on. With a story that I believe surpasses the Elder Scrolls series, Dragon Age is just one game away from chipping away at other aspects currently ruled by Bethesda’s genre king. Is BioWare’s Dungeons and Dragons-esque RPG poised to silence all doubters for good? With one RPG of the year entry, and a controversial follow-up, Dragon Age 3 has the power to make or break the entire series."

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Kamikaze1352725d ago

Will it actually be good? <<That's the only question it needs to answer.

Bolts2725d ago (Edited 2725d ago )

Plot devices are secondary to the challenges this game will face in the RPG space. Because, there's a new king of uber RPGs in town and its the Witcher 2. So unless they're going to match Witcher 2's graphical splendor and depth then don't even bother.

If they're planning on doing a reprise of DA 2 then this game is pretty much dead on arrival.

Ranshak2725d ago

Well another important question is, will this be focused around casuals?

Dragon age origins was a true PC game and PC gamers loved it. If this will be targetted for the masses with little to no RPG eliments it will surely be a no purchase from me, just like i didnt buy da2.

ATiElite2725d ago (Edited 2725d ago )

how much more can the franchise be turned into crap?

Why was The Witcher 2 100 times better than Dragon Age 2?

Why does Bioware feel the need to rush Dragon Age out the door every year?

Why does Dragon Age play like Mass Effect?

Will Dragon Age 3 be titled Dragon Age: Modern Warfare?

gcolley2725d ago

don't care, not listening. DA have lost me as a customer

NYC_Gamer2725d ago

i'm done with this franchise and maybe bioware all together


What exactly made Dragon Age 2 casual compared to the first?

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