Microsoft goes shopping! this time, Nvidia.

Multiple sources confirm that the Redmond giant is looking to buy a 30% aprox of Nvidia.

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a_bro2697d ago

WTF? what is microsoft doing, monopolizing?

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EasilyTheBest2697d ago

They will probably buy Mcdonaldsnext.

wallis2696d ago

Then all of our burgers will look suspiciously similar to apples.

MintBerryCrunch2697d ago (Edited 2697d ago )

30% gives them significant control over what Nvidia does...its not monopolizing per se...since they wont own majority stake...but they could be a problem for lets say sony/nintendo if they wanted to partner with nvidia....time will tell though

edit: that still depends...if they feel that the deal would be risky, MS would have some influence over what happens and if it is ever it would be kind of awkward since MS would know what sony/nintendo are up to if they do deal with nvidia

NYC_Gamer2697d ago (Edited 2697d ago )

i doubt they would stop other companies from using nvidia tech because that would only bring in more profit....this is pure business not some silly console war but about $$$

gaden_malak2697d ago

Do people actually think Microsoft go out of their way to ruin things for Sony/Nintendo/Apple?
They're doing this and other things for one thing. Money.

DeadlyFire2697d ago

Not really. If Microsoft digs into NVIDIA. Its not like Sony and Nintendo are tied to NVIDIA to their grave. I don't know what Nintendo device has NVIDIA product in it. Its not in the console war though so either way its not likely to raise a flag. I can guarantee you this deal is 100% related to development of ARM Desktop Range CPUs As Microsoft is releasing Windows with an ARM version.

Sony has the PS3 with RSX, but that contract is already inked. Even if Microsoft owned NVIDIA fully they are required to finish out the terms of the contract.

mobijoker2697d ago

Funnily,i think AMD will benefit mostly from the deal as enemy's enemy is my friend.Then Apple,Sony,Nintendo,Google all will prefer AMD as MS is their competitor in different market.
MS is trying to be jack of all fruits,i am afraid they may become master of none.Their only monopoly now is on Windows but i think google gonna change that before 2015.

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fr0sty2697d ago

Considering MS partnered with AMD for 360's GPU, this is quite a curious move. Especially when Nvidia has had their asses handed to them by AMD with just about every GPU release for a good while now. Even 360's GPU is more powerful in many ways than PS3's (without cell helping with rendering).

What does it mean? AMD for PS4? Or a custom in house GPU/Cell hybrid? Nvidia for Nextbox?

I remember with the first Xbox Nvidia had the price of the GPU fixed which killed MS when it came to hardware costs. This would allow them to get a hell of a discount on GPUs vs. what they have paid up until now.

An interesting move. A bit of a head scratcher, but interesting none the less.

stonecold32697d ago

wheres the 360 cant handle heavy rain let alone infamous2 and both uncharted games god of war 3 sorry buddy but 360 has maxed out already and remeber ff13 was downgraded to accompany the 360

aia122697d ago (Edited 2697d ago )

did you play crysis 2 or gears 3 beta ? 360 is not maxed out

edit: all the stealth disagrees lol i love n4g

fr0sty2696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )

I figured my point about ps3's gpu being weaker than 360's would get sand in the fanboys' panties.

Look people, it is. The only thing RSX can do better than Xenos is reading texture data, as well as certain shader effects. In most other areas it's beaten. Xenos can move many more polygons per second than RSX can (but cell helps there, it can render geometry while handing that off to RSX for texturing/shading), for instance. As I said, WITHOUT CELL it is weaker. Add Cell to the equation and that all changes (which is why you see GOW3, Uncharted 3, etc. on PS3 but no equivalent on 360... That, and the fact that 360 only has 10MB of frame buffer memory while RSX has up to 256MB's).

But take the 2 GPU's away from the rest of their systems, and Xenos IS the more powerful part. Not by much, but it is none the less. But one part doesn't = a complete system. Remember the original PS3 design was to use 2 Cells for CPU/GPU, so Cell does just fine at making up for RSX's weaknesses. So you fanboys can remove the sand from your vag. I'm not implying PS3 is weaker in any way, it isn't at all when you factor in the complete system.

But ignorant fools who didn't even bother to read this far into the message will disagree anyway.

theonlylolking2696d ago (Edited 2696d ago )


Did you know that the PS3 has this thingy in it called the cell? Well that piece is what gives the PS3 the ability to beat the 360's GPU even though the RSX int he PS3 is worse than the 360's GPU.

Overall the PS3 is more powerfull than the 360 but GPU vs GPU the 360 wins.

death2smoochie2696d ago


and yet the PS3 like the Xbox360 still cannot run more than 1% of its entire game library at [email protected]+fps using real AA with interactive backgrounds and real lighting effects.

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egidem2697d ago

Sigh...there goes probably another good opportunity for them to come up with good 1st party game studios for their Xbox platform. Are these guys on a spending spree or something?? Didn't they just recently buy Skype...for how many billions again?

1998gamer2697d ago

They are willing to buy anything but studios :P so much money yet they seemingly don't care much about games.

lelo2play2697d ago (Edited 2697d ago )

Monopolizing ? Probably.

Other companies do the same thing. The stronger buy the weaker. It's the law of the jungle.

Even Sony does it, buying out every software studio they can. How many software game studios they have already? ... and yes, i think Microsoft needs more gaming studios, in spite of doing pretty well without many 1st party studios.

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Josecitox2697d ago

First Skype, now this, it´s incredible the amount of money that Microsoft can spend monopolizig. They are unstoppable.

shikamaroooo2697d ago

i wouldn't say unstoppable

Godmars2902697d ago

its because they've been monopolizing through Windows for years. This is just another monopolizing spurt.

fr0sty2697d ago (Edited 2697d ago )

If they'd invest some of that money buying talented game studios like Sony did, they'd end up with a game making powerhouse like SCEWWS which would crank out AAA exclusives like Uncharted, Last Guardian, Infamous, GT, etc... Instead they just squeeze out sequels from the same handful of developers. Halo 4 and it's spin off Halo APOS, Fable 4 (this time with a parrot that actually talks to you!), etc... They need to learn to take risks with new studios and game franchises. If they did that, you wouldn't see the "where are the games/why only 2 good AAA exclusives?" articles all the time.

egidem2697d ago

That's a good point, but their hardware sales are doing very well. According to recent reports, the Xbox 360's growth has been increasing month on month, tripling the PlayStation 3 sales. ( Remember, Microsoft is all about making money, whatever brings in the cash, they will go after it.

Their strategy of getting DLC exclusive deals and leaving 3rd party games to take care of the rest seems to be working for them, even though some gamers might disagree. They are going to keep on doing this.

coryok2697d ago

@egidem the ps3 has sold more consoles than x360 for the past 2 and a half years, microsoft has been up like 5% year over year every month, but sony has still been wrecking them, like 30-60k more sales each week

fr0sty2696d ago

PS3's sales have been on top worldwide for a very long time now. The only place 360 ever beats PS3 is the USA, but when you factor in worldwide sales that all changes every time. PS3 has been the top selling console WW for a long time.

darksied2697d ago

Microsoft is floundering, I think. They know they need to do something, because I think from their point of view, they're standing still while others are getting ahead. Stagnating is the word, and MS is just that.

I can see this doing good things for them, if they use it right. If this is true, they have to put this to work for their existing products: Windows and Xbox. Can you imagine Windows 8 or 9 optimized for and running faster on an nvidia card?

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BrianG2697d ago

Smart move by MS, they know Nvidia is making moves in the industry. I always admired Nvidia's innovation, much like Intel's.

Newtype2697d ago

Bad investment to be bought by Microsoft nowadays. Google and Apple on the other hand...

joeorc2696d ago

"Bad investment to be bought by Microsoft nowadays"

How is investing into ONE OF THE LEADING Arm Design chipset's with a Kick @ss GPU on die a bad investment?

Microsoft is already gearing up the Tegra 2 support for Windows 8, this is full windows Api OS for a chipset that if mainly only been in Smartphones an Tablets.

By doing this Microsoft would have a platform like Windows Mobile with Nokia to enable to have a platform that is once again unified for Not just PC's like thay already have but the convergence of Mobile chipsets into the PC market.

Arm Holding's said they were moving into the desktop market an sure enough they are. Nvidia is one of such companies that make Arm design chipsets , that if you have not noticed by now are being put into small low power required 3 watt systems that are going to be desktop PC for the Masses.

Microsoft is making sure their going to get a cut of that Pie in a major way, because both Google an Apple also use Arm Core chipsets in their OS's,
Apple with iOS an Google with Android.

Microsoft is not going to ignore this thay cannot sit back an let both Apple an Google move into that space without some comp.

Since all mobile computing devices in the world 95% run on Arm core chips.

Its a market that Microsoft cannot an will not ignore.

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