Ken Levine Talks Vigors, Nostrums And Major Gameplay Changes For 'BioShock Infinite'

MTVMultiplayer: "In the world of "BioShock Infinite," vigors are like your spells. In practice, they work a lot like plasmids in the sense that you can drink a vigor and send out burst of ravenous crows (Murder of Crows) or lift enemies up into the air (Bucking Bronco). Until I spoke to Levine, I assumed that they worked exactly like plasmids, where the player would select which vigors they wanted and would have a pool of energy (or Eve, in "BioShock 1") which would allow them to be cast.

"The big difference we're doing is that vigors have, essentially, charges," explained Levine. "One problem we had with Eve is that all the plasmids had to be roughly equally as powerful as all the other plasmids because they all ran from the same Eve system. You basically felt like 'Well, if I fire this plasmid versus that plasmid, I can only get one round, where here I can get 50 rounds, but it's much less powerful.'"

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PS3Freak2748d ago

I don't know if I like the sound of only being able to carry 2 Vigors(Plasmids) at a time.

MidnytRain2748d ago

"Basically we have all the same systems, we're just presenting them a little bit differently, so you can have a lot more STUFF," explained Levine. "'BioShock' didn't have enough STUFF. Power STUFF, character growth STUFF. Game design-wise we wanted more STUFF, so these are ways of going about getting more STUFF. It opens the pathway to allow us to have more STUFF, which was limited in the first game."


akaFullMetal2748d ago

Ya just add more STUFF ;P that will make it better, ahaha