G4- Prototype 2 Gameplay Preview

G4: "After finishing work on the supercharged, open-world, action-fest Prototype, the developers at Radical Entertainment took a good hard look at what fans and critics alike had to say about the game. Taking the good with the bad, the team used the game’s somewhat mixed reception as a launching pad to begin work on Prototype 2. And launch they did.

The game is set in New York City, only thanks the devastation that has befallen it, it is now known as New York Zero (no calories, but a lot more death), and it’s been divided into three islands in varying states of decay. Manhattan has been classified as the Red Zone, and has become overrun and overgrown by viral organisms, essentially making a disease-ridden urban jungle."

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Ser2748d ago

Personally, I don't think I could be less excited for this game. The first one was uber boring for me.

joab7772748d ago

This is one of the few games I truely thought had so much potential. It was rushed to market. The premise was great, the open world was awesome and the ability to wreak havok was what kept me playing. But, I had to make excuses for the graphics, I had to fill in the story gaps w my imagination, and it became far too repetitive even for an open world game. But, if they are serious, I will buy it...after reviews of course. There's too many good games coming out to ever give my money to a company blindly again.

LOGICWINS2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

Same experience with me. I believed the hype, gt the game Day 1, ended up dissapointed and sold the game back in a week. The game gt old FAST. I should have bought Saints Row 2 or Infamous...which are MUCH better open world games.

Prototype had a lot of good ideas, but there was a lack of focus in the gameplay. I felt that there was no meaning behind my actions and I didn't care about the main character.

joab7772747d ago

That's exactly how I felt, like, why am I even doing this? And, yes, infamous was much better, goin to get the 2nd one now. I just hope a 3rd game in a row doesn't glitch a trophy like la noires brass sorry, can't get it off my mind.

Convas2748d ago

Really looking forward to this. It looks like it's a step up from Prototype in EVERY way, and the story is intriguing too (not enough games with Black protagonists ...)

Definitely got my eyes on this one!

Anderson82748d ago

looks graphically the same to me...

christheredhead2748d ago

prototype 2 has the potential to be something great. hopefully the execution doesn't fall through as im looking forward to this one.