Games.On.Net 2 Minute Review - Dungeons & Dragons: Daggerdale (360)

Dungeons & Dragons games tend to split cleanly into two categories: games which actually want the “RP” in “RPG” to mean something, and games which think the D&D ruleset is a great way to avoid having to think of your own combat mechanics. Daggerdale falls squarely into the latter of these two, and it’s in its capacity as a co-op hack-and-slash game that I’m going to judge it, because quite frankly attempting to judge it on its storyline, cutscenes and voice acting would be somewhere south of a lost cause. Fortunately for all concerned, and much like the fourth edition ruleset the game is based on, Daggerdale is a great way to crawl through a dungeon with a friend, without having to worry too much about your character accidentally developing a personality along the way.

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