IGN- E3 2011: Anticipating the PlayStation Conference

IGN: "As I sit here on a Sunday evening in IGN's E3 War Room in Los Angeles, my mind keeps coming back to one specific event in the upcoming week: the Sony PlayStation Conference. While I won't deny that Nintendo is again bringing the most thunder to this year's expo with the anticipated reveal of its new high-powered console codenamed Cafe, I also understand that this is an especially critical year for Sony and the PlayStation brand."

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Lyr1c2725d ago

Don't waste your time reading the article.

The writer complains about PSN being down, how it tarnished the "Playstation name", and talks on how he wants Sony to show that they're "sorry". Only 3/4 into the article, the so-called journalist says "Oh, games would also be nice".

guitarded772725d ago

Just what I'd expect from IGN.

Spitfire_Riggz2725d ago

Look at the brightside a few more hours until E3 starts!!! WOOOOOOOO

Joni-Ice2725d ago

@ Lyr1c....Damn dude IGN got me. I sat here and read the article. Should have read the comments first. You were right.

Darkshader2725d ago (Edited 2725d ago )

Seems that this writer is a SONY hater that is trying to deceive the readers that he anticipated the Playstation conference ... for what? Not for games but how will SONY will deal with PSN down time, stolen credit card information, and free games that SONY will offer. Hello! If you worry that much then monitor your credit card statement if there is an illegal transaction that was made .. while i'm going to be excited what SONY will show this E3 especially their exclusive games. And i won't be suprise if SONY will top E3 for 4 straight yrs now (since 2008).

It is the hackers fault and not SONY for the PSN downtime. You can still play your PS3 games without going online ... so no biggy. And i'm also playing my PSP too.

Don't you know that Nintendo was attacked by a hacker yesterday? Microsoft is next if they don't guard themselves against hackers.

Let's enjoy E3 and don't get affected by this stupid article because there are a lot of important things to worry about than PSN Downtime. There are a lot of people that needs help especially countries that was struck by calamaties than to feel upset because you cannot go online.

iWishTifaWasReal2725d ago

what a BS article.

i agree with Lyr1c.

they just bashed the PSN outage then they rushed everything on how interesting NGP is and the games on ps3.