The Best Places to Watch E3 2011


"The Electronic Entertainment Expo, known as E3 for short, is the biggest event in the gaming world.

"E3 is a trade show and industry-only event, which means only members of the aforementioned groups can physically attend the event.

"But that’s not stopping you, the gamer. After all, E3 wouldn’t be around if it weren’t for you!

"Here is a list of the best places to stream E3, so you’ll be at the front lines of the press conferences and announcements."

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gaminoz2574d ago

Wow, I wonder if some will be overloaded and slow down? Which of those do you guys recommend from previous experience?

Proeliator2574d ago

The author actually devoted the second section to that. :)

WhittO2573d ago

The playstation Blog has a stable high quality stream thats working great for Sony's!

Oldman1002574d ago (Edited 2574d ago )

Why is there no mention whatsoever of gametrailers? They had one of the best streams last year. Their stream doesn't seem to support fullscreen this year so i might use ign this time.



Godem2574d ago

I hope IGN isn't on like a 5 minute delay like the other year

zeal0us2573d ago

at home seem to just fine to me