DotA 2 Is Already In A Beta Phase

Search engine of Steam has again decided to reveal us new information regarding Valve's upcoming moba game, DotA 2. An user found some clues that are giving out alot of interesting information.

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shikamaroooo2569d ago

I want to play it already.

ATiElite2569d ago (Edited 2569d ago )

Good, very Good. The further along DotA2 is the closer we are to getting Half Life 2 ep3.

MintBerryCrunch2569d ago

episode 3?

i want the BIG 3

PoulCast2568d ago

DotA2 is gonna become Valve's new main franchise. With the success of LoL & HoN, imagine the millions of free-to-play users that daily worship Icefrog will jump over.

R0me2568d ago

Yea DotA made this franchise famous.
Everyone will love to play the old heros graphically updated with a ton of new features.
I hope we get to see real gameplay soon.

Fayulah2569d ago

Same here, at least we know the game is in a beta phase now ;)

Fayulah2569d ago

Btw I think that the official closed beta will start till the mid-end of the july

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