IGN: Sony Not Rushing PlayStation 4

With Nintendo revealing its next console at E3 2011, gamers are wondering if Microsoft or Sony might accelerate the timeline for launching their next generation of consoles. Yoshida said he "[does] not feel the need to introduce a new PlayStation console" at this time.

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MariaHelFutura2720d ago

Why would they? That sh!t cost MS Billions!!!!!!

DeadlyFire2719d ago

Nintendo said the same thing last year before E3. So just wait. E3 2012.

tplarkin72720d ago

Sony is not rushing, because their not doing anything for PS4, yet. If history is any indication, Sony will panic in 2012 and then being rushing their console.

MariaHelFutura2720d ago (Edited 2720d ago )

Agatha? Don`t you need the other two?

NateCole2720d ago

Like they panic with the PS2 and PS3?.

You x360 fans really are in Bazzario world.

blumatt2720d ago

lmao haha @ the Minority Report reference. Very well said.

I don't think Sony needs to release the PS4 until 2013 or 2014. There's so many good games coming for it and they still haven't reached that sweet pricepoint--$200. The games just keep on looking better and better year after year.

I hope the PS4 keeps the Cell architecture and just upgrades the RAM to like 4GB for those "lesser developers."

Upbeat2720d ago

lmao 23 disagress shows how much BULLSHIT your talking, anyways the ps3 can still complete for a good while yet with it having the best grapics on the console market, and even when the xbox720 comes out it will still complete for a while. That is what happens when a company take their time and do things right. Just like microsoft 8-)

Inside_out2719d ago

Whether they want to or not, Sony will have to keep the PS3 on the market to try and get some of the massive losses off the books...I don't think it will work. PS3 is not PS2 and history will show that when it's all said and done.

Xbox 360 has been far more profitable and been around for 6 years now. Even if they announce holiday 2012 for a new console, 360 will be 7 years old. Who is using a 7 year old pc or cell phone...EXACTLY. M$ cannot let Nintendo launch a new console first and I believe they will launch one as well and that is why Halo was removed at the last minute this September and replaced with Gears 3. Halo 4 will be a launch title Holiday 2012 with a new M$ console.

Nintendo and the wii have more consoles ( about 30 million more...O_o ) sold than either M$ or Sony and yet they want to get this new machine out as soon as possible and lock up some middleware like Unreal 4 and release their impressive library of games in HD to the public. If they go it alone, they will crush Sony and MS holiday 2012 and never look back.

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jmare2720d ago

All Nintendo is doing is coming on line with the 360 and PS3 in terms of hardware. In a few years both Microsoft and Sony will release new hardware and then Nintendo will be behind again. Why do either of them need to rush?

Shackdaddy8362719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

Nintendo goes off a 5 year plan while Sony and Microsoft appear to be going off a 7. If this holds true for the future, then only two years after Microsoft and Sony release a console, Nintendo will release a new one. This would actually be the contender for the next gen - Not this current console. 5 years after that and they will all release a new gen at the same time.

All Nintendo is doing is pulling an inception on us - Releasing a gen within a gen :)

ChrisGTR12720d ago

yea sony sure does take its sweet time. cough.. in game xmb... cough .. cross game chat.

lil Titan2720d ago

"Why would they?" stole the words right out my mouth

Persistantthug2720d ago

They never told the direct truth...

The reason they closed all those studios (ENSEMBLE, DIGITAL ANVIL, FASA, ACES), was because RROD cost them billions, and investors were not gonna put up with ANOTHER generation of lost proceeds.
Microsoft had to trim some fat somewhere, so they canned good studios, and now in 2011, Microsoft has no games.....basically.

Rushing helps no one in the end.

unicron72719d ago

Unless you count all the Kinect games set to come out. Wasted money that could have been used towards good 1st party software. They are more concerned with cashing in then pleasing their already established customers.

gamingdroid2719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

I'm sad to hear that... I would have rather had technology that was immediately efficient and cost effective, then have shorter cycles.

Instead we ended up with a over priced console, that is now 5-years old that is reaching it's prime! If Sony would have a released a cheaper console without an obscure architecture, it is very likely we would have been looking at 3 new consoles this E3....

Ironically, releasing the cutting edge eventually meant holding back technology without much benefit.

pain777pas2719d ago

This generation is different from the past. Remember that a PS3 at 199 dollars is a great value. Graphics can get better but in all honesty games are good looking enough. There will be another GOW game just like the PS2 to send the system off. Wouldn't be suprised if another Infamous game came out aswell. 2 trilogies are over. Resistance and Killzone. Guerilla should move onto another IP. Sony Japan have yet to show their cards. PS3 really is looking good right now. A price drop will give the system long legs. Remember Bluray, wifi, decent online, trophies and many exclusives. No need for the PS4. MS and Nintendo can have fun while PS3 can sell a lot.

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SpaceSquirrel2720d ago

That's good to hear. I'm still playing my ps3 like crazy

knifefight2720d ago

Good. I can wait. There are too many good-looking games for my time and budget as it is.

Take your time, guys.

a_bro2720d ago

still think they will announce it next year and launch it in 2013.

other than that, just give me some social networking features on the PS3 and I wont be a bother for the next 2 years sony.

thehitman2720d ago (Edited 2720d ago )

I dont think it will get announced until 2013 and released 2014-15. Remember the seemingly long wait from PS2-3 i think it will be 2x as long waiting for PS4 and that MS may even have a 2-3 year advantage this time possibly.

Dart892720d ago (Edited 2720d ago )

I'm not in a hurry and i'm sure Sony isn't either.

Edit:Retards who ever disagreed.

And i'm sure Sony dosen't wanna make the same mistake M$ made.

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