After 20 Years, EA Uses Origin Systems As Steam Competitor; Old Republic Download Exclusive

You heard it (or have never heard of it) - Origin Systems is coming back, simply named Origin as a download service developed by Electronic Arts to compete with Steam.

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thekidq2753d ago

I wonder if this will effect PC download sales much.

JoeIsMad2753d ago

I don't think so. Steam will still run the show, but you'll download this client to pick up The Old Republic if you're too lazy to buy a physical copy, then uninstall it if it isn't completely needed.

ChronoJoe2753d ago

It'll depend which platform has the larger amount of relevant exclusives, in the end.

JoeIsMad2753d ago

This is both true and false. If by exclusives you mean titles that are not available on any other service aside from these platforms, than possibly. If we're talking EA has Madden and Steam doesn't, no one will really care because they can pick that up on a console.

ChronoJoe2752d ago

Mix of both.

You can't say the exclusivity of something that's also on console doesn't have at least some value on PC. And that value varies. Something like Left for Dead and Team Fortress for instance, these are on console but they're also HUUGGE on PC. The majority of PC consumers would just use the platform they're exclusive to rather than buying them on console, if they even have the console they're on.

I'm aware it'll take EA absolutely ages to build a large enough library of exclusive titles to pose any sort of threat to steam, though. At least 5 years. PC gamers are hooked on their produts. Think any PC gamers going to turn down Half Life 3? I doubt it... in the end EAs best case scenario seems like a shared market where many consumers are forced to use both platforms.

caboose322753d ago

It really is just a hassle with all these download services on pc. I like my Steam and thats about it.