Destructoid: "What I want for the NGP (or PS Vita)", revisited

Destructoid writes: "My 'What I want for the PSP2' article, written last October, was a list of daydreams for Sony's next portable. I thought it would be fun to revisit the article today, a day before Sony fully unveils this new portable to the world. Jim shared a similar list of wishes a few months later, though it was quite a bit more...lively than mine. He called Sony "sh*tting chimps" while I was dishing out boundless love for my favorite portable. Unlike his PSP, my PSP hasn't been "buried in a closet" all this time. I play it every day. I love the system dearly. I'm very excited for its successor."

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Misterhbk2750d ago

This thing just sounds like heaven to anyone who loves portable gaming. The launch lineup is excellent and we still only know the first party titles. I'll be getting uncharted for sure and kill zone as well. Need to see what 3rd party games will be there. Supposed to be a falcom RPG at launch so hopefully that happens because I'll be picking that up as well.

VampiricDragon2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

everything sounds like heaven at first........but then reality is always different than hype

watch a "did it flop" article come out when it doesn't meet expectations like every system gets.

killzone isn't a confirmed launch title. Nor have we seen any game play for it, like most bloggers, they make stuff up

Every system this gen has had multiple did it flop articles.

RememberThe3572750d ago

Thats a pretty negative view. I have only been let down by the Wii. The360 and PS3 have served gamers well this gen. All the PS3 really needs is a PSN party and chat system.

Valvatorez2750d ago

I seem to remember that on 7th of febuary this year this site had a story called-Why NGP will fail. In that story you guys put down the things your now saying are awesome.I guess Destrutoid saw the internet NGP doom wagon rolling and decided to hop on.After all,Sony had only shown the NGP 2 or 3 days eariler,so you could so tell it was destined for fail.Right Destrutoid?