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Dead Island isn’t even slated to come out until Q4 2011 and people are already arguing regarding gameplay, content, and tone. However, what really seems to have people riled up is the recent unveiling of the latest character who will be fighting for his life on this island of horrors: Sam B.

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Tony P2746d ago

Yeah. We get it. He's *supposed* to appear stereotypical. Cos he's a rapper! Sure.

At this point, it doesn't offend any racial sensibilities I might have.

It offends me because it's overdone and overused. I'd rather have no diversity sometimes than the same old archetype in new pants.

ATiElite2746d ago

OK Dead Island is developed by Techland which is a Polish developer in Poland. who knows how much time they have spent in the United States so I'll guess NONE. Therefore they are learning about American's from what they see on TV which we all know TV is Stereotypical and bad for you.

As far as Xian Mei...she's a stereotype too, slim petite smart Asian woman. I know some Asian girls who are about as smart as a bag of rocks and they hate when random people ask them to spell something or help them with math. Not all Asian's are geniuses.

Sam B.....well if he's a rapper and you watch MTV or BET then I think they got this right for the most part. Sure not all rappers are FAKE THUGS like todays clowns cause you do have Hip Hop Artist like Nas Jay Z Lupe Fiasco Kanye West etc. who never dress the stereotypical rapper way. And yes Hip Hop is different from Rap!

I don't have any problems with the characters, sure they are both stereotypical as I'm sure Logan will be the stereotypical surfer Dude and Purna will be whatever she is but stereotyped. I think this article was just Hypersensitive and no real issues here.

Oh by the way all the Zombies are stereotypical Zombies....Techland should be ashamed of themselves.

Tony P2746d ago

"I think this article was just Hypersensitive and no real issues here."

While I think it's great that people feel comfortable sharing their opinions, it would help to read or skim the article first!

The article says people should NOT freak out over it.

And imo, I think that if the best you can do for diversity is snag a fake personality from MTV, then maybe you shouldn't be trying to add it in the first place.