Brink Review (El33tonline)

Bryan at El33tonline writes:

"Unfortunately as one delves further into Brink, it is obvious the same fate that has befallen so many promising titles has also come to Splash Damage’s latest child. As far as singleplayer goes, Brink showcases all of its advertised features brilliantly. SMART is revolutionary and I expect it to be adopted into other games in the future, while the other features and tactics are there just as the developers said they would be, but the most elusive (and hitherto not advertised) problem also happens to be the most devastating: the AI is really terrible."

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sickbird2752d ago

just sent mine back to amazon, the game is literally unplayable on 360.

antz11042744d ago

It has nothing to do with the system, the patch went out weeks ago and it runs fine. You either like a quake style co-op game or you dont.

jukins2752d ago

man really wish ppl would give this a chance. even tho its the familiar fps genre its def unique and shouldnt really be played like any fps out there. I didnt like it at first constantly dieing and being lowest on the xp scores. but taking some time seeing how its really played i cant put it down have it on steam and ps3